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By: Rockwell Aluminum  09-12-2011
Keywords: siding, vinyl siding, aluminum siding


It is important to have a good drainage system for water around the roof of the house. Water must flow away from the house, concrete and landscape as much as possible to avoid mold, mildew and corrosion.



Soffit and Fascia are two components that will beautify and protect your home, and it would mean no more painting and a custom fit look. Proper soffit and fascia installation will increase the ventilation of cool air into your roof, reducing the risk of ice dam build up in the winter and lowering your heating and cooling expenses all year round.



Vinyl siding is the most common choice among today's consumers. It requires little maintenance and avoids dents and weather damage very well. Aluminum siding is fire-proof, termite-proof and fade resistant. Because it resists corrosion and moisture it will not red-rust, rot, split, warp or crack. The durable acrylic finish will not peel, flake or blister.


Window/Door Capping

Any trim capping done to a home will give it more curb appeal. If this capping is done to windows it will also help protect the wood underneath and provide better seals.


Keywords: aluminum siding, siding, vinyl siding