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By: Rockstop  09-12-2011 » Demonstration

The Foreign Object in this case is a 3.5″ cube of wood.

The ‘Sensor View’ shows the sensor move upward as the foreign object in the right clip reaches the front feed rolls.

The substantially uncompressable object causes a displacement of the upper feedroll at an acceleration rate greater than the substantially more compressable crop flow does. This threshold of displacement acceleration, or inertia, is the desired setting of the sensor. Thus differentiating between crop lumps and  stones etc.

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09-12-2011 » Control Module

Sensitivity Adjustment DialAdjusts the sensitivity of the sensor signal10 = Most Sensitive1 = Least SensitiveRemember Higher Number = Higher Sensitivity. After the sensor has tripped the Red Stop Light is Flashing and a beeping sound is heard. No light = Power Switch “OFF” or, Fault with power or ground circuit to Control Module. Then Reverse the feed drive to reset the forager stop system as would normally be done.

09-12-2011 » Sensor Unit

Sensor positioned almost vertical or parallel to the displacement travel of the front upper feedroll is the least sensitive setting for the sensor. To adjust the Sensor angle, slightly loosen the locknut, rotate the sensor to adjust the desired sensivity range. The Sensor angle determines the threshold at which the sensor will emit a signal due to feed roll movement.