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By: Rocketgui  09-12-2011
Keywords: Programming, control system, interface design

It's About The Interface

It may be an unconventional perspective on control system programming, but we believe the user-interface is the most important component of any integrated control system. If the interfacel doesn’t elegantly simplify the user’s interaction with technology - then the value of the entire system is in peril - all the way down to the ten-thousand dollar plasma display. A fact too often overlooked by many system integrators at the risk of their reputation and potential future business.

Because every system and user is different, at RocketGUI, we start each project with a beautiful, custom-built interface designed to fit the user’s needs perfectly rather than conforming their needs to some pre-designed touch panel template. It’s our way of ensuring that every user-interface fulfills its intended purpose - to make control easy!

Our Team of Artists

RocketGUI’s team of interface design experts and code writing aficionados live, eat and breathe control systems. Our goal is to build a control system piece-of-art that you are proud to stake your reputation on.

Our Methodology Will Increase Your Profitability

Our proven methodology for working with AV clients will increase project profitability and shorten time-to-completion. We'll help you build a UI standard for your typical system and plug-n-play code modules to match your frequently used components. Subsequent projects can than be quickly implemented at much lower cost by re-utilization of your custom UI and pre-tested code components.

Advanced Control Features

We pride ourselves on our ability to exploit the capabilities of the interface and the controller to enhance the overall value of the system. We do this by providing seemingly simple features and capabilities that most programmers overlook, or simply don’t have the expertise to do. Features like end-user programmable “favorites” buttons for satellite and cable television and satellite radio. Hold down the button for five seconds to change the channel and network logo for the button – it’s that simple.

Rest Assured with Our Unique Design and Coding Process

Our unique process starts by designing an interface layout to the specific application and precise needs of the user. Through close interaction to identify needs and requirements, we provide a graphical flow-diagram for your approval before we ever write a line of code. This way, you and the end-user will know exactly how the system will work, removing all ambiguity and false-expectations from the process. No more “I thought it was going to do this”, or “Why doesn’t it do that?”

Then we follow it up with a standards based coding process that's structured and organized, and leads to easy future maintenance should the project need changes down-the-road. And no, we don't hold your project hostage.. you get a copy of the code for future editing.*

We Work Anywhere and Everywhere

From coast-to-coast, we are ready to take on any project, large or small.

We’ve Got Your Back

At RocketGUI we realize your reputation is on the line if the system isn’t operating perfectly. We back every project with a 90-day warranty and quick-response service through the life of the system.

Get a Project Estimate

If you’re ready to take your next control system project to the highest level, contact us for a project estimate today. We typically respond to you with an estimate within 24 hours.

*Restrictions apply to usage of code, touch-panel files and other intellectual property. See software license for complete details.

Keywords: control system, interface design, Programming

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