Action oriented coaching for leadership growth, job competency, diversity training at work

By: Rlm Learning Innovations  09-12-2011
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"Attending Rhonda's Coaching for Excellence Workshop provided opportunity for our managers and supervisors to hone existing skills and learn new ones. The bonus piece to the workshop was the team building which was a result of the participatory nature of the workshop. Rhonda's professionalism in facilitation, skills in coaching and her approachability set the tone for an excellent day."
Maureen Modin, Human Resources Officer, East Kootenay Community Credit Union.

Looking for an alternative to group learning in workshop settings? Coaching can provide customized learning opportunities for individuals and teams. Using a coaching approach, RLM works with individuals and groups within your organization to enhance capacity to develop job-related competencies.

The Coaching Process

Coaching is a powerful tool for enhancing individual and team learning opportunities and leadership growth through questioning, reflection, action planning and supported accountability toward accomplishing goals.

Our coaching style is confidential, client-centred, action-oriented and results-based, with a focus on raising self-awareness and emotional intelligence. The individual or team and the coach co-design every step of the process including agreement to be coached, the format of the meetings, choosing a topic of discussion, development of action plans, and establishing goals.

Assessment Tools

We work with employers to choose appropriate assessment tools such as 360 degree feedback, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator or learning style inventories that will promote employee self-awareness. The results from the assessment tools are used as a catalyst for exploration and for the development of specific goals and accountabilities.

Coaching to Support 360 Feedback

360 assessment processes can be highly valuable, but they can also be overwhelming and focus more on evaluation than on ongoing action steps. A good 360 feedback session should leave employees with more than just “the numbers”. Our coach-supported feedback process provides employees with a complete picture of the 360 data. This process helps employees interpret the feedback and develop meaningful plans to achieve their workplace and personal goals.

Coaching for Teams

Team assessment tools can be used to determine how the team is functioning, to build on team strengths and to establish growth goals. Team members learn to understand themselves and how they function in the team, create an environment for open dialogue, develop skills for having difficult conversations, design methods for effective problem-solving and make the most of diverse backgrounds and perspectives.


Added Value Opportunity

Employers may choose to offer a one-day “Coaching for Excellence” workshop to introduce supervisors and managers to the principles of coaching, the manager's role in coaching, and coaching skills that can be applied in a variety of situations.

Keywords: Coaching