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Red willow is a common vine type tree/shrub through out north America, especially near streams and wet lands; the native American Indians were aware of it's bark as a medicinal aid in the relief of pain and inflammation. And it's form this that aspirin was discovered. We offer natural wild harvested bark extract. This material is, gram for gram slightly more active than over the counter aspirin. 400 mg (1 '0' gelatin capsule) is equal to about 2 aspirins; people who have allergic reactions to aspirin should avoid used of this too.
All of our extracts, unless otherwise noted, are dry powders.

We encourage everyone to read through our introduction page which can be selected on the menu bar; this will enable you to know how long an order may take to arrive, what do do if there are any problems, and other important matters.

The medicinal use of milk thistle dates back over 2000 years for treatment of liver and gallbladder conditions and as a bitter digestive stimulant. Modern research has confirmed that it is a very important plant for treatment of liver disease including fatty liver, chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis. The liver protective effects of silymarin are remarkable; studies have demonstrated that it can prevent liver damage from such toxins as carbon tetrachloride and amanita mushrooms by preventing them from entering the liver cells (11). Silymarin is also a powerful antioxidant and promotes regeneration of damaged liver cells. Clinical studies have demonstrated significant improvement in cases of chronic hepatitis with liver enzyme levels returning to normal. New research shows promise for prostate and breast cancer and as a kidney cell protector.
Our 10X extract powder is sold uncapsulated to save you money.

A very rare offering from Congo/Gabbon, Africa.

This is likely the most fought garden weed on earth; but did you know that dandelion is a very nutritional and medicinal herb too?
We offer dried, wildcrafted, organically grown roots as a diuretic aid: True, many things can be useful diuretics, but persons on certain medications can have serious need for one that doesn't affect their already high pH levels; persons who are undergoing urine screening will be very pleased with dandelion root tea, it doesn't allow positive results when the results are negative, but nervousness isn't an issue.

Often considered the robust version of Trichocereus peruvianus, grows faster than T. bridgesii or T. peruvianus. Its columns get up to 6 inches diameter, and they often grow 2 feet a year.
Our supply is not depleting wild plants in their natural habitat, we are buying and reselling only organically farmed plants and seeds.
Seeds harvested in 2011.

Used in religion and medicine by the Incas and other indigenous people since pre Colombian times.
Our supply is not depleting wild plants in their natural habitat, we are buying and reselling only organically farmed plants and seeds.
Seeds harvested in 2011.

Wild harvested organic.

An herb presently cultivated in India and North America which has been well described in ancient Ayurvedic literature as an herb with multiple benefit to sustaining health and wellness. The roots were used for a variety of ailments which included: hiccup, female disorders, cough, rheumatism and dropsy, and as a sedative in cases of senile debility.

Like ginseng and tongkat ali, Ashwagandha is a superior class herb, meaning that it has multiple benefit to the body. In local culture, many will take Ashwagandha to maintain physical effort and mental ability to cope with stress. The herb is thought to restore normal neural function allowing clarity of mind as well as aiding in age related sleep dysfunctions. Ashwagandha is also commonly used as an herbal supplement for boosting immune function. Common uses
Support brain and neural function
Anti-stress, anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory, anti-arthritic, Anti-Convulsive Overall Health and Wellness
rejuvenator, revitalizer, restorative & tissue builder
Support healthy cell growth and cell life cycle
Support proper immune system function
Our extract is sold uncapsulated to save you money; 1/8th teaspoon taken 1 to 3 times daily can produce excellent results.
One 0 gelatin capsule = 1/8th teaspoon

Used for sexual prowess in men and women.
1/8th to 1/4th teaspoon of our 10X dry powdered extract can produce excellent results.

The worlds smallest Yucca. Rarely gets up to 3 feet tall. Its bloom spike sometimes reaches 4 feet. The roots and stalks of the Yuccas have anti-inflammatory properties.
Wild harvested organic.

Yucca baccata is the most climatically adaptable yucca on earth. Its native range is from near Mexico city into regions of Canada. It tolerates a wide rage of soil types, from acidic to alkaline, it's roots and stalks have anti-inflammatory properties, and the fresh, or dry powdered roots produce bubbles when mixed in water, hence its common name soap weed.
Wild harvested organic.

Yucca is one of New Mexico state flowers; Yucca elata is one that can get up to 30 feet tall, and has equal medicinal properties as all the other Yuccas.
Wild harvested organic.

This species is native mostly only in Mexico, but is found in landscaping through-out the SW United States. Most Yuccas would be best described as exotic bushes, where this is more less a tree as it can get up to 40 feet tall, when its flower spikes are included in the measurement.
Seeds harvested September 2008.

Often referred to as false yucca, but there is nothing false about it.
The above mention common name for this is it's actual botanical name, it's placed out of alphabetical order so it could be included with the yuccas, which is where it belongs. It is a Yucca, but has a much different flower and for this reason has got classified outside the yucca family, much like Argyreia is classified a different species than Ipomoea, when in actuality they are closely related.
Hesperaloe parviflora is often grown as a barrier, or in medians along city streets because of it's extreme hardiness against drought and pollution. It flowers almost continually from June through October,
Wild harvested organic.

Ginger is considered the most excellent anti nausea herb on earth.
Our 10X extract powder is sold uncapsulated to save you money. 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon taken during periods of nausea works well. Can also be taken 1 to 5 minutes prior to taking medications or materials that might cause nausea to settle nauseating effects.

1/8th teaspoon added to a small juice or tea beverage is a very tasty drink in addition to settling an upset stomach. For those with sever nausea best results will come from dissolving 1/8th to 1/4th teaspoon in a quarter cup of warm or cold water and ingesting it in a single swish.
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