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By: River's Edge Wellness  09-12-2011
Keywords: Infrared Sauna, Ear Candling, Infrared Sauna Therapy

Herbal Supplements/Nutrition

Our bodies are the sum of billions of cells working in thousands of complex tissue types, each performing a specific task to benifit and serve the needs of the greater whole.  Each of these systems requires different nutrients, and for most of us diet alone cannot fit the bill.  This is where herbal treatments shine.  Herbs function as a concentrated food and nutrient cocktail, tailored to fulfill the nutrient requirments of each body system.  

Ion Detox Therapy

  • Far Infrared Belt:   Infrared heat therapy stimulates circulation, improvingoxygen flow throughout the body and increases metabolism.
  • Ion Detox: The process of ionic cleaning utilizes negatively and positvely charged ions generated in a foot bath to pull toxins out of body through the thousands of pores in our feel using the process of osmosis.  
  • Ten S: Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation therapy works by sending small electrical impulses to the body that disrupt pain receptors from being transmitted to the brain, TENS also increases the level of endorphins in the body, which act as our natural pain killers and producer of euphoria.

Clients being treated with this system experience reduced general and arthritic pain, increased energy and mental alertness, reduction in stress levels, healthier looking skin and an overall sense of well-being.

Infrared Sauna Therapy

The proven positive effects of this technology include detoxification, cancer prevention, heart disease, asthma, chronic pain relief, breast health, fibromyalgia, weight loss, skin tone, psoriasis and other skin disorders, arthritis, heavy metal and pesticide removal, as well as many more. 

Every SaunaRay unit is handcrafted in Collingwood, Ontario using non-allergenic Basswood in a toxin free environment.


Iridology involves the examination of the iris of the eye. Since the iris is connected to every system in the body, various diseases can affect the structures and markings of the eyes.

Iridology is one of the assessment tools used by River’s Edge to help determine the best course of treatment for our clients. Since this technique can also identify deficiencies and weaknesses before a disease condition, it can also be used proactively to arrange treatments that may prevent the onset of sickness.

Contact Reflex Analysis

Contact Reflex Analysis, also known as bio-feedback analysis or muscle testing, is an assessment technique which uses the body's own reflex points to identify problem areas or weaknesses throughout the body.  Each reflex point on the body relates to the state of health and flow of energy in every function/part of the body. 

Our services embody a variety of time proven, natural and non-invasive treatments which include:

~Vitamins & Supplements

~Herbal Medicine

~Computerized Health Body Scan

~Contact Reflex Analysis

~Nutritional Analysis


~Ion Foot Detox Therapy

~Infrared Sauna Therapy

~Hot Stone Massage

~Ear Candling

Computerized Health Body Scan

Nutritional Analysis

An individual nutritional analysis can help address many health problems as well as provide the body with more nutrients, increase metabolism and help regulate our bodies pH balance. 

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage therapy applies gentle massage with special heated stones to promote deep tissue healing and relaxation.  The heat of the stones allows the muscles and fascia to open up and release tension and restrictions without using deep tissue techniques.  The combination of the heat and gentle massage will also clear toxins, stimulate metabolism and increase circulation  throughout the body. 

Ear Candling

Ear candling is a safe, painless procedure of natural ear hygiene.  The ear candle is made of natural bee's wax and unbleached cotton and pure essential oils are added to enhance the desired affect.  The lit candle placed in the ear canal, causes a vacuum affect, drawing up excess wax, toxins and congestion that may have been in the pathways leading to the ear for many years. 

Ear candling can help with hearing problems, vertigo, ear aches, pressure from the ears or sinus, and discomforts such as itching or a feeling of "fullness" in the ears. 

Keywords: Ear Candling, Infrared Sauna, Infrared Sauna Therapy