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By: Riverroad Communications  09-12-2011

Your  “signature story” reveals WHY you do what you do.

And as Simon Sinek succinctly puts it: “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” They connect more to the essence or personal reason behind your work – your mission, vision or raison d’être – than to your expertise.

How is a signature story different from a biography?

While your biography highlights your expertise, experience, education and major achievements, a signature story addresses your personal reason(s) for your work or life path. Again, it answers the question of why you do what you do. A signature story tells of what happened to change, or define, your current life and/or work — the experience(s) that shaped who you are, tested your imagination, strength or will, or revealed your passion and purpose.

From a business perspective, your signature story is an important way to position yourself in the market.

If you need help writing a compelling signature story, this package is for you.

You will provide:

  • A completed questionnaire to provide important information to help me craft your signature story. The questionnaire will be sent to you prior to the consultation call.
  • Your website URL for my reference

You will receive:

  • A 30-minute consultation call to discuss style, content and details to be included in your signature story
  • A set of guidelines on composing a signature story (sent to you pre-call)
  • A well-written signature story for you to use on your website, in your marketing materials, media kit or wherever appropriate

Only $297 – For a Limited Time!

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