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By: River Reed Painting  09-12-2011
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River Reed Painting Co. provides professional interior and exterior painting including the following services:

• Drywalling and plastering

• Ceiling and wall repairs

• Faux and decorative finishes

• Moldings, built-Ins, technical and detail Work

• Paint and coatings selection

• Human health and environmental options

• Minor carpentry

and much more..

River Reed is committed to providing an extraordinary level of service to our clients. Our standard approach is to consult with you in a patient and friendly way to suit your particular needs. When asked, we offer candid advice and information including available options, to help you make informed choices. We also understand that some people prefer to see the end result of our work, trusting us to make the decisions and get the job done. We are often like magic painting elves – arriving just as you are leaving, or after you’ve gone, moving furniture, repairing walls and ceilings, painting and then setting everything back exactly as it was. We take pride in not being a disruptive presence in your home or community.

Whether you just need someone to match an existing wall colour, or you are looking for ideas for something new, we can help. We see a lot of homes and have extensive experience with the many different approaches to the arrangement of colours and finishes. We will do colour matches as a matter of practice. More complex services may involve a small fee or pre-negotiated hourly rate.

River Reed can dry-wall, make plaster repairs and do installation work. We have a repertoire of stucco and plaster textures and designs. Flat, eye-perfect ceilings and super-smooth walls are just a few of our specialties and our surfaces are all rendered to above average standard.

Though some work, such as exterior work is seasonal in this climate, River Reed is a year-round professional company with most of our work being indoors. At any time of year we are in homes and businesses painting and performing all manner of repairs and renovations. In the warm season we do also paint and stain exterior surfaces such as decks and trim.

As painters we are, to a large extent, finishers. We have techniques that smooth, accentuate, hide, or complete surfaces and decorative effects. When a contractor installs crown moldings, a built-in unit, or trim-work and leaves gaps and nail-holes, cracks, fissures, or broken continuity of detailing patterns, we can make the corrections to ensure a professional finish. We can also install a variety of moldings and finishing, and specialize in the completing stages of any installation.

There are coatings and procedures to suit particular applications best and by no means does any paint go on and stay on any surface. We know what materials are best for what job, and are expert at applying them. Furthermore, we are responsible with our usage and disposal of materials with regards to human health and environmental concerns.

Caring about human health and the environment is not an option – but rather - a way of life for us at River Reed. We communicate with our clients about their particular needs regarding health, allergies, or the presence of children. We are careful and conscientious of how every thing we do affects those around us and the environment. In this type of business there are a lot of different materials with compounds in them of varying degrees of toxicity, and there are responsible methods of using them: i.e. as little as possible with thorough care in clean-up and with consideration to others.

There are many choices and alternatives to what has become the standard way of doing things. Besides low-VOC paints there are clay-based and other natural paints that aren't even made of latex. There are also less dusty and natural alternatives to drywall, and the abundant wasting of materials such as plastic sheeting, tape, and tonnes of packaging that often end up in landfill.

Even with water-based paints we take great care in ensuring that as little paint water as possible is going back into the water supply. Think about it. Whether we bury it or dump it down the sink everything is ultimately making its way to the lake and or the water table which is a basic source of life to the ecosystems of the surrounding area and all of us forward through generations to come.

As the saying goes, “you have nothing without your health”.

“In our every deliberation, we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations.” -Iroquois saying

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