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ENCHARGE is Endogenous Aminocharged Creatine. It's designed to immediately enhance creatine levels in muscle resulting in greater gains in muscle size and strength.

The ENCHARGE formula consists of two proprietary ingredient complexes: 1) MYOCHARGE and 2) SiNERGY. The MYOCHARGE complex is a proprietary combination of 4 organically-bonded creatine-containing peptides (CrPep): Creatine-Glutamine, Creatine-Leucine, Creatine-Valine and Creatine-Isoleucine. The SiNERGY complex is a proprietary combination of Siberian Rhodiola Rosea, Vinpocetine and Beta-Alanine.

ENCHARGE works in two unique ways: 1) Faster and 2) Bigger! It makes creatine work faster enabling your nervous system and muscles to recharge with high-energy compounds faster both during and after exercise. ENCHARGE makes creatine work bigger because the unique creatine-amino acid compounds found in the ENCHARGE formula enhance muscle protein synthesis, therefore resulting in greater gains in muscle size and strength!

ENCHARGE is the world's first dietary supplement to contain the unique combination of organically-bonded creatine-containing peptides (CrPep): Creatine-Glutamine, Creatine-Leucine, Creatine-Valine and Creatine-Isoleucine.

Dr. Darren Burke (PhD) recommends 3 capsules of ENCHARGE in the morning and 3 capsules in the afternoon. On training days, take one of your daily servings (3 capsules) 30 to 60 minutes before exercise. For best results use ENCHARGE every day for 8 weeks and combine with resistance exercise 3-5 days per week.

Yes. ENCHARGE can be stacked with other RIVALUS products. As a matter of fact, multiple RIVALUS products can be stacked. Many athletes are stacking ENCHARGE with MPOWER and PROMASIL to create what has quickly become know as the athlete's "Triple Threat Stack"!

Yes. Like all RIVALUS products, ENCHARGE was formulated based on the latest scientific research. All RIVALUS products must be certified as SAFE (Safe And Effective First) before they can be sold. SAFE is a university laboratory-based program that involves testing each product on athletes in order to confirm that it consistently maintains normal physiological function (safe) while improving body composition and performance (effective).In a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study 20 male athletes using ENCHARGE for 6 weeks and exercising regularly increased lean muscle size by up to 20% and 1-rep max bench press strength by up to 30% compared to changes of only 5% and 15% respectively for placebo group subjects.

Yes. When going off ENCHARGE, you will still maintain the muscle and strength gains you achieved while you were on it as long as you continue to exercise and follow a healthy diet.

For maximum gains in muscle size and strength, ENCHARGE is designed to be taken everyday for at least 8 weeks.

You can take ENCHARGE as long as you like and continuously as well. However, Dr. Burke recommends that after 8 weeks of continuous use a two week period off CYCLE will result in even bigger gains once you start taking ENCHARGE again. The reason Dr. Burke suggests a brief off CYCLE period is for your receptors to up-regulate as a result of the reduced daily creatine exposure. When ENCHARGE is re-introduced back into your supplement routine, you will experience even greater creatine uptake into your muscles and in turn bigger gains in strength and size. The CYCLING on and off ENCHARGE is actually better with each subsequent CYCLE as the total creatine pool inside your muscles will continue to increase with each subsequent CYCLE on. This will promote rapid gains in size and strength and fast recovery.



#10 | 6'0" | 212 lbs | Vancouver Canucks

Position: Forward

Birth Date: November 24, 1984 (Age: 27)

Birth Place: Detroit, MI

Favorite Product: ENCHARGE

First on team in goals (23).Tied for third on the team in points (40). Second on the team in hits this season (126).



#28 | 6'0" | 192 lbs | Atlanta Falcons

Position: Safety

Birth Date: March 19, 1985 (Age: 26)

Birth Place: Oakland, CA

Favorite Product: ENCHARGE

In 3 seasons with the Falcons, has emerged as the starting free safety. Tied a career-high and ranked second on the team with 113 tackles in 2010. Earned NFC Defensive Player of the Week honors fo his performance against the Chicago Bears on Sunday Night Football (10/18/09). DeCoud Logged eight tackles, two passes defensed and a career- high two interceptions

Keywords: Athletes, Creatine, Resistance Exercise

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