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HELIX-24 is the first 24 hour GH-release formula ever created. It is scientifically designed to activate anabolic growth 24 hours a day at the gene level by increasing growth hormone (GH) and insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) production.

The ingredients in HELIX-24 are 3 unique synthetic compounds created by the RIVALUS Scientific Team. The first one is 2-methylguanidino ethanoate. This is a derivative of creatine with fat soluble properties similar to human growth hormone. The second ingredient is 2-amino-3 hydroxyphenol. This is a derivative of GHB (Gamma hydroxy butyrate). GHB is illegal but is one of the most powerful GH stimulators available. 2-amino-3-hydroxyphenol does not get converted in GHB or other analogs of GHB and as such is not illegal; however, it stimulates similar pathways as GHB without and hazardous side effects. The third ingredient is 2-methyl-4-hydroxybutanoate. This is a derivative of HMB (or leucine). HMB was very popular years ago and in my opinion on of the best raw materials to maintain muscle mass as it reduced muscle tissue breakdown. 2-methyl-4-hydroxybutanoate is a derivative of HMB and possesses similar properties.

The organically synthesized ingredients in HELIX-24 help you overcome your genetic limitations by activating cellular processes that trigger dramatic increases in muscle size and strength.

Our Sustained Release Capsules (PERMEATE) make HELIX-24 the first 24 hour GH release formula the user takes 4 capsules in the morning and it works on increasing GH pulses all day long.

Dr. Darren Burke (PhD) recommends 4 capsules in the morning with 1-2 glasses of water. For best results use HELIX-24 every day and combine with resistance exercise 3-5 days per week.

Yes. HELIX-24 can be stacked with other RIVALUS products. As a matter of fact, multiple RIVALUS products can be stacked. Many athletes are stacking HELIX-24 with ENCHARGE and MPOWER to create the ultimate musclebuilding/fat-loss stack.

Yes. Like all RIVALUS products, HELIX-24 was formulated based on the latest scientific research.Two clinical trials were completed on HELIX-24, during the first one it was found increased IGF-1 expression in muscle tissue when combined with weight lifting exercise. IGF-1 is insulin like growth factor and this is the most anabolic agent in the body. Elevating GH results in more total IGF1 and in turn more muscle growth. The second clinical was recently completed at the University of Regina by Dr. Candow and he reported huge gains in muscle mass and strength.All RIVALUS products must be certified as SAFE (Safe And Effective First) before they can be sold. SAFE is a university laboratory-based program that involves testing each product on athletes in order to confirm that it consistently maintains normal physiological function (safe) while improving body composition and performance (effective).

For maximum gains in muscle size and strength, HELIX-24 is designed to be taken everyday for at least 8 weeks.

Dr. Burke recommends that after 8 weeks of continuous use you take a two week period off CYCLE and then repeat another 8-week on CYCLE for even greater gains in muscle size and strength!

Yes, you can take it throughout the year; you can keep your Growth Hormones up.



5'4" | 125 lbs | USA Track and Field

Sport: Hurdles

Birth Date: July 16, 1982 (Age: 29)

Birth Place: Richmond, Virginia

Favorite Product: HELIX-24

Personal best of 12.58 in the 100 meter hurdles and 7.98 in the 60 meter hurdles. 2008 Olympic trials finalist 100 meter hurdles. 2010 USATF silver medalist in the 100 meter hurdles. 2008 USATF bronze medalist in the 60 meter hurdles.



#44 | 6'1" | 210 lbs | Boston Bruins

Position: Defence

Birth Date: July 18, 1981 (Age: 30)

Birth Place: Schwenningen, West Germany

Favorite Product: HELIX-24

2010-11 Regular Season: Finished 8th in the NHL in blocked shots with 174. Multiple-point games: 4. Longest point streak: 3 games. Traded to Boston by Florida with Matt Bartkowski for Byron Bitz, Craig Weller and Tampa Bay's 2010 second round draft pick (Alexander Petrovic), Mar. 3, 2010.

Keywords: Athletes, Resistance Exercise

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