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We service both residential and commercial clients. The following services can apply to both.

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Regular maintenance Program
Our regular maintenance program appeals to those that want their windows kept clean as part of their all round house care. Do you only have your grass cut when it is out of control? Why just clean your windows when you can't see through them?
This program consists of weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly service plans.

Seasonal Cleaning
Many of our clients decide to have their windows done in the Spring and the Fall. Ask us and we can email to remind you when its time and put you in our schedule.

Pre-Sale Window Cleaning
We do a lot of work within the Real Estate industry. Special incentives are offered to agents to refer us to their clients. We understand that timing is tight and nerves are frazzled. We're here to help where we can.
If we can recommend someone for other services that you need in a hurry, we will do that, too.
After we've helped you through all this, please do us a favour and remember us when you are in your new home and also tell the purchaser of your home about us, your new window cleaners!

Eavestroughs should be emptied out prior to the Spring thaw, allowing melting snow to drain safely off your roof and into the gutters. If the refuse is in the way, combined with the ice and snow, the water will run OVER the trough and eventually cause damage to your property.

Gutter Brightening
We clean the exterior surface of the eavestrough (gutter) to bring back its old shine. Over time, black lines and grime make this part of your home look dull.

Gutter Filter
Check out our page on gutter filter installation.

Siding Cleaning
In keeping with our general ' No harsh chemicals' policy, we will clean your siding (aluminum or vinyl) with mild cleaners, giving your home a shine without seriously impacting the environment.

Deck wash
Power washing a deck can cause premature aging by forcing water into the wood fibers. We wash decks with a high quality cleaner that is applied and scrubbed with brushes. The final effect is stupendous.

Downspout disconnect
We have performed this task for some of our clients. It is mandatory that residents of most areas of Toronto disconnect their downspouts from the sewer system, redirecting
them to spill out on the lawn or garden.

Screen repair
We are pleased to now offer a re-screening service for our clients. We provide this service onsite, not at a remote location.

Ask Us

If there is something else we can do for you while we are on your property, feel free to ask. The worst answer you will receive might be that we can recommend someone else that can perform the service for you, but we may have time and the tools to look after you. Need some high bulbs changed? Cobwebs removed? Fan blades dusted? All of our add-on services were the result of a client asking us the first time.


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