Manufacturing Services Provided by Right Hand Manufacturing

By: Right Hand Manufacturing  09-12-2011

We believe that business is based upon long-term relationships, not short-term profits. We work hard to insure the continuing success of our customers.

We also provide management of your operations. We can cover:

  • NAFTA Review and Analysis
  • Local Mexican Sourcing and Procurement
  • US/Mexican Customs and Documentation
  • US/Mexican Brokerage and Documentation
  • US/Mexican Trucking
  • US Warehouse Staging and Freight Forwarding
  • Direct/Indirect Labor at Client’s Specifications
  • Cost Accounting and Controls
  • Environment Compliance Records
  • Daily Interface with Plant Management
  • Payment of Mexican Suppliers
  • Mexican Corporation
  • Government Permits
  • Leasehold Assistance
  • Site Selection Assistance
  • Utilities Installation Assistance
  • Telephone Installation Assistance
  • Facilitation Management Recruiting
  • Payroll Processing
  • Coordinate Government Inspections
  • Fiscal Reporting of Tax Payments and Returns

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Clean Room For Your Quality Operations at Right Hand Manufacturing

If your business requires space/facilities above and beyond our current facilities, we will be happy to orchestrate all of the logistics associated with getting you up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible in an equally-stringently controlled environment. Right Hand Synergy exists exclusively to assist companies with manufacturing in Mexico with even the smallest details covered and controlled.


Cable Assembly & Wire Harness Provided by Right Hand Synergy

Located in Tijuana, Mexico, just south of San Diego, California, Right Hand Synergy offers you high to low volume cable assemblies, a highly skilled workforce and quality assurance to complete the task at hand.


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For power sources, we make toroidal, chokes, and inductors assemblies.No project is too large or too small; we can help with low volume, high mix or low mix, high volume in any industry. For more than 17 years, Right Hand Synergy has been helping U.S., Japanese, and other foreign companies leverage the many benefits of manufacturing in Mexico.