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By: Ricmic  09-12-2011

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                               "Safer Tow"  Vehicle Signs                      

          The magnetic, reflective, caution signs for your towing vehicle  

                                To help make towing any trailer safer !!  

                              - Be more visible to others while towing - 

Our Safer Tow magnetic vehicle signs are 11" x 8 1/2" .  Designed to be seen by other drivers at an appropriate distance but not so large that they look obtrusive.  This picture was taken in total darkness with a small camera flash to show the fantastic reflective nature of these signs for night use.   (Made in Canada)

- The price of our Safer Tow signs is only $49.95 CAD per pair (plus shipping)  Each pair includes 1 driver side and 1 passenger side sign.  (See our page)  Plus GST where applicable.

- Protective neoprene storage cases for the Safer Tow signs are also available below for $4.95 when ordering a set of vehicle signs.

Why Use the Safer Tow Vehicle Signs ?      ***  SAFETY  !!!   ***

After many years and many miles of towing a variety of trailers, from small personal utility trailers to long travel trailers, from flatbed equipment haulers to large 53 foot van trailers, there is one thing that in our experience has become painfully clear .. other drivers are sometimes absolutely blind and oblivious to the fact that you are pulling a trailer.  No matter the size!

Most drivers that have ever pulled a trailer, for work or pleasure, have at one time or another either had a close call or an accident, due to some other driver not noticing that they were towing a trailer.

Instances of collision or near collision happen frequently at points of merging traffic; when towing out from behind a building or parked vehicles in a parking lot; when passing and merging with other vehicles on highways at high speeds; when turning out into traffic onto a street; when crossing an intersection.

The other driver simply does not see your trailer coming behind you and has no reason to expect there to be one there.  He then either sideswipes your trailer when merging into your lane, by not allowing room for your trailer, or drives directly into the side of your trailer when you are pulling out from behind some blind spot obstruction such as parked cars, a building, alley or even bushes.

Our signs have a simple yet very effective function: when properly applied, they make towing any size of trailer safer for everyone by making you more visible, potentially saving lives and property!!  They quickly and efficiently let other drivers know that you are towing a trailer and that they should give you some extra room and time.

                 Use our Safer Tow magnetic vehicle signs when towing:

  • travel trailers - bumper hitch, fifth wheel or gooseneck
  • cargo trailers
  • boat trailers
  • livestock trailers
  • small or large utility trailers
  • snowmobile, motorcycle or quad trailers
  • equipment trailers
  • dump trailers
  • any specialty trailers
  • flatbeds
  • car dolly - empty or loaded
  • various contractor trailers
  • concession trailers
  • and much more !!

Our Safer Tow, “CAUTION TOWING”, vehicle signs are extremely well made right here in Canada, not in some offshore, high in volume and low in quality, sweat shop.  When properly applied to a magnetic surface when towing, they will hold firmly and serve well for many years.  Just make sure that the area of the towing vehicle where you intend on placing these signs when towing will hold a magnet.  Aluminum or fiberglass vehicle bodies are not magnetic.  Check your towing vehicle with a small magnet prior to ordering our signs to make sure that a magnetic sign will hold.

Here are some features of our very durable, high quality, magnetic, vehicle towing signs:

-      Thicker and stronger magnetic sheeting-      Reflective, easy to read, red colored text-      Reflective red graphics of a vehicle and trailer-      Reflective yellow background-      Reflective red border-      Reflective red arrow graphics pointing to the rear of the towing vehicle-      Rounded corners for ease of removal and better wind resistance-      Clear vinyl lamination to protect the entire sign-      Fade resistant for many years of service-      Easy to see in the daytime and highly reflective for night-time use

Safer Tow sign on driver's side of towing vehicle at night.  Highly visible with only the light from our camera flash! 

Safer Tow sign on passenger's side of towing vehicle at night.  Highly visible with only the light from our camera flash!

Applying Safer Tow Signs

Each pair of our “CAUTION TOWING” vehicle signs includes one sign made for the driver's side of the towing vehicle and one for the passenger's side of the towing vehicle.  The arrows on our signs must point to the rear of the towing vehicle.  Just apply when towing .. easily take off and store when not towing.

The signs are best applied to a clean, dust free, dry and fairly flat panel area of your towing vehicle.  A gradually curving area is fine, but avoid sharp curves and projections or dips.  Do not allow any gaps under the signs where rushing air could lift them off while driving. 

Locate them on each side of your towing vehicle, about midway from front to back and near the top of your door panel or just below your windows.  This gives other drivers plenty of notice and allows them time to adjust their driving accordingly.

Care of Safer Tow Signs

Our Safer Tow magnetic vehicle signs will last you for many years with proper care and use:

  • Do not bend and crease the signs
  • Store carefully in a cool, dry area when not in use
  • Store with a cardboard stiffener to keep the signs from damage
  • Store in one of our protective neoprene cases or use the shipping box
  • Apply and remove carefully
  • Clean with a mild soap and water solution.  Just wipe and store.

We can’t guarantee you that all other drivers will take notice; some just seem to have tunnel vision when driving.  But our experience has been very positive and shows that most drivers do take notice of our signs and drive accordingly.  No doubt preventing many horrible accidents.  Thankfully, we'll never know how many!

At only $49.95 per pair, our Safer Tow vehicle signs are an inexpensive way to help keep everyone safer on our roads while towing! 

                   See our page for more information.

* Please check the laws regarding vehicle signs in your area.  It is your responsibility to make sure that our Safer Tow vehicle signs are legal for you to use. 

* We have not yet heard of any jurisdictions where a magnetic vehicle sign can not be used, but if you hear of one please let us know so that we can pass that information on to our customers in that area.

* When purchasing our Safer Tow magnetic vehicle signs you agree to accept all responsibility for any circumstances arising from their use or misuse. In other words, if you still get into an accident while towing even while using our signs, don't blame us. Drive safely at all times.

* USA and international buyers please note: You, the buyer, are responsible for any import fees, duties or taxes that may be levied by your country for these items when they arrive. We ship by Canada Post from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

    Please Remember - Be considerate and only use our Safer Tow signs                                           while actually towing !!

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                                      Storage Case

Protect your Safer Tow vehicle signs when not in use by storing them in one of our custom 12" neoprene, zippered cases with convenient carry handle.  Limited availability in 3 colors while supplies last; black, red or blue.  (Made in China)

Please indicate your preference of case color when e-mailing your order to us and we will try to accommodate you.  We do however reserve the right to substitute another color if your choice is not available. 

Price (with an order of Safer Tow signs)  - $ 4.95 each case (plus shipping)

Price (without placing an order for signs) - $ 7.95 each case (plus shipping)


                     Check back again.  More items coming soon !

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