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Keywords: Cleaning Services, Wall Scrubbing

  • Specialists in floor care
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Scrubbing & waxing
  • Polishing
  • Pressure washing
  • Interior & Exterior
  • Office cleaning
  • Wall scrubbing
  • Kitchen/Lunchrooms
  • Full Washroom cleaning & stocking
  • Windows (Exterior 1st & 2nd Story only)
  • Now taking residential clients-1 time or regular service available
  • 24/7 availability-365 days a year
  • Day or night, your rate doesn’t change!
  • Daily, weekly, monthly or one-time service available at YOUR convenience
  • Free, no obligation estimates
  • Owner operated, no subcontracting means you really DO matter to us!
  • No contract to sign- free to cancel anytime


Please find below a list of services we provide, but please do not hesitate to Contact us on any related services whether it is listed below or not

Reliable Customer Service

Daily Office Cleaning: Is the primary component of Janitorial Services. Attracting and keeping Clients is the core of your business, providing a safe, clean and comfortable environment is ours.

Contract Cleaning: Is the means by which we secure such services, it is a commitment by the Service Provider for the delivery of a consistent, reliable, quality service over time.

Window Cleaning: Having clean windows allows the light to beam into your establishment brightening everything, leaving occupants feeling more energized.

Floor Maintenance: An excellent floor cleaning program will allow light entering your location to reflect off sparkling burnished floors (hard floors)

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning: Will cap off the most visible and noticed part on entering a building, the floors.

Dust Control Service: A usually over looked, but important part of Building Maintenance, having the correct length of entry mats (25 ft.) on entering the building , helps to trap and hold outside pollutants and prevent their spread throughout your establishment.

Initial Building Clean Up: Also of great importance when trying to attract new tenants or preparing for a Move-in. Having windows, doors, ledges and floors sparkling and dust free. Closing down of buildings and disposal of all garbage is also a related service we provide.

Specialist to the Hi-Tech & Pharmaceutical Industries: Providing spotless floors in labs requiring Electro Static Discharge finishes (ESD) and a spotless dust free environment are tasks that we are good at.

Deep Steam Hygiene kitchen Cleaning: Is an area we are trained and certified in and can clean exhaust hoods, vents, walls, floors and much more.

Retail & Shopping Mall Cleaning: Supermarkets, Drug Stores also require quality cleaning as they are open to the public and are subjected to more stress, especially during the Fall, Winter & Spring months, a time to demonstrate a Companies ability to provide quality services.

Parking Lot Cleaning: Above ground and underground parking lot sweeping, degreasing and cleaning with machines and power washers.

Keywords: Cleaning Services, Wall Scrubbing