Engineering Services Provided by RGD and Associates

By: Rgdengineers  09-12-2011
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RGD and Associates Inc. Consulting Engineers use Autodesk Building Systems and “Revit” Building Systems software for their clients’ realization of engineering systems. Mechanical and plumbing systems are built on the computer in full scale 3-D. RGD was an early adapter of this technology and has been using it since its arrival into the mechanical design arena. All personnel are fully trained in its use with expert skill levels. The beauty of the system is that the building can be fully modeled in 3-D prior to construction. Clearances and interferences can be checked and corrected while the building is on the drawing board so to speak. This greatly reduces the need for panic adjustments in the field and the resulting change notices. RGD works seamlessly with architects and clients using these advanced 3-D software systems.

RGD and Associates Inc. is highly experienced in the design of heating ventilation and air conditioning systems for a broad range of commercial and residential projects. Our construction documents are prepared using the latest 3-D modeling software. Plan and Isometric views are provided which greatly aid in coordination and construction. RGD is highly experienced in forensic investigation of poorly operating HVAC systems. Numerous buildings with poor indoor air quality have been corrected with new HVAC systems engineered by RGD and Associates Inc. RGD has been successful in custom designing specialized air conditioning equipment to address unusual project challenges. In all areas RGD personnel are current in the rapidly changing building code environment and emerging new technologies.

RGD is highly experienced in the design of sanitary and domestic water systems for commercial and residential buildings. Our construction documents are prepared using the latest 3-D modeling software. Plan and Isometric views are provided which greatly aids coordination and construction. The CAD system project navigator allows the designer to overlay plumbing and HVAC systems on each other to check for interference. This greatly reduces the number of field modifications required to make things fit.

RGD and Associates Inc. is highly experienced in the design of natural and LP gas systems. Projects include large commercial cooking operations and very large auxiliary electrical power generation systems. RGD works closely with contractors to deliver designs that are straight forward and easy to construct.

RGD and Associates is highly experienced in the design of smoke control systems for high rise buildings and atriums. The firm has worked closely with building owners, building officials and fire departments in the West Palm Beach are to redesign damaged or under performing systems. Special repair techniques have been developed to repair damaged ventilation duct and exhaust chase systems in high rise buildings.

RGD and Associates Inc. is experienced in designing Marina and Aircraft Fueling Systems. RGD has designed 24 marina fueling systems in Florida, the Bahamas and the Caribbean Basin. The systems include above and below ground storage tanks with multiple dispensing stations for gas and diesel fuel products. Designs have been prepared for fixed and floating dock configurations. RGD is highly experienced in the various environmental requirements for systems that operate in estuarine and scour active coastal zones. RGD works closely with fuel system contractors to produce systems that meet the owner’s requirements and are environmentally friendly. RGD worked closely with a national helicopter service company to prepare construction documents and permit processing for a prefabricated above ground aircraft fueling facility in South Florida.

RGD and Associates Inc. is experienced in the design of Marina Sanitary and Domestic water system. Systems have been engineered for fixed and floating dock configurations. Sanitary systems include pump out systems using ground based peristaltic pumping equipment. RGD works closely with dock and pier building contractors to choose materials that are resistant the corrosive marine environment and also responsive to the construction budget.

RGD and Associates Inc. is experienced in the replacement of deteriorated cooling towers. Replacing a cooling tower on a high rise building in a congested metropolitan area is a challenging task. RGD works closely with building owners to complete the task with minimum downtime for the building. In most cases the tenants experience no impact to their normal operations during the change out period. RGD works closely with the building official to make sure that any code deficiencies are corrected with the new installation.

RGD and Associates Inc. is experienced in performing whole building energy analysis. Using the Trace 700 energy analysis program RGD is able to predict with accuracy the energy use of different types of HVAC systems. This allows owners and architects to compare the operating and maintenance cost of various systems for the purposes of first cost and pay back decisions.

RGD and Associates is experienced in a broad range of fire protection systems. They include conventional wet sprinkler systems to waterless inert systems for computer and electronics rooms and Hose systems for marina floating docks. Sprinkler systems are designed using the Tyco “SprinkCAD” software which produces hydraulic calculations, cut lengths and stock listings.

RGD and associates has design several condenser water pumping packages for large residential projects in Palm Beach and Jupiter Island Florida. The packages are extremely compact and require a very small foot print. The largest model provides sixty tons of condenser water capacity in a 5’ x 8’ foot print. The packages include both open and closed loop pumps, plate and frame heat exchanger, expansion tank, air separator and VFD drives. The systems are fabricated and tested in a manufacturing plant and delivered to the site ready to be connected to the system. See our 3D model of a typical pump package on the resource page.

RGD and Associates Inc. provides a wide range of consulting services including pre-design building surveys, turnover inspections and reports, due diligence surveys, forensic investigations and owner’s representation. RGD has provided a large number of pre-design surveys of golf club house buildings that are beginning a renovation project. The survey identifies for the owner and the architect what mechanical electrical and plumbing systems can be reused and which ones will need to be replaced and or upgraded. RGD also has experienced licensed general contractors on staff so the surveys frequently alert the architect to other problems in the building beyond the basic mechanical electrical and plumbing systems that need to be addressed during the renovation. Identifying things such as ventilated attic spaces and the lack of appropriate air barriers help the architect deliver a healthy building.

Keywords: Architect