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By: Retzinspects  09-12-2011
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I Perform Inspections For:

• Buyers of existing homes

• Buyers of new homes

• Investors in rental property

• Mortgage lenders

• Home sellers

• Real Estate attorneys

• Estate attorneys

• Realtors

• Corporate relocations

Other Services I Provide

• Contractors letters

• Radon inspections

• Pre-purchased home inspection

• Seller disclosure inspections

• End of warranty inspection

• Second opinions

• Peace of mind inspections

• New home inspections

My Visual Inspection Covers

My inspections are performed by professionals with practical experience related to construction, re-modeling and maintenance.

All home inspections are performed to and above North Carolina state standards.

We use a comprehensive checklist / typed report format. You receive two copies at the inspection with digital photos and summary report.

• Roof covering/gutters

• Porches/Decks

• Insulation

• Ventilation

• Exterior walls

• Windows

• Doors

• Grading

• Crawlspace/basement

• Electrical/Plumbing

• Heating

• A/C

• Fireplaces

• Built-in appliances

• Interior

• Grading

Buyers are encouraged to attend the inspections to maximize the value of the inspection and have a better understanding of any subjective situations that may arise. Ask questions. We are here to help you better understand your new home.

At the time of the inspection you will receive two copies of our nine page report along with a 280 page book that explains the details of the report. It's a helpful reference with maintenance tips and recommendations on maintaining your home on a routine basis. Our summary report includes may digital photos to help explain the issues noted in the report.

Most clients who choose RETZ comprehensive inspections understand the value and importance of having a home inspection prior to the purchase of a home, which usually exceeds their expectations. Our detailed report exceeds the North Carolina state standards for home inspection.

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