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By: Rethink Organics  09-12-2011
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In order to determine the best products for your particular skin type & preferences, we highly recommend that you purchase samples of whatever products you are interested in. This is especially wise for those of you who have sensitivies to certain  ingredients. 

We always advise our customers to review the ingredients of any product they are interested in ( we practise full disclosure of all ingredients in our products) & avoid those that you think may be a problem for you.  Our products are formulated with some of the mildest ingredients available, yet we recognize that some people may be sensitive to the most benign substances, & should therefore test before investing in our full size containers. 

Almost all of the product samples are available for a very modest price of $ 2.00, with the only exception being the foaming soaps & the air fresheners , as the mini version of these specialized dispensers are almost the same cost to us as the large version.

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Keywords: Air Fresheners

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Air Fresheners | Rethink Organics

While it is possible to make lovely natural air fresheners using only essential oils for scent, these fragrances can be limited to mostly citrus, spice & herbal scents like rosemary, lemon or lavender. These room misters are made with natural and organic botanical hydrosols, organic aloe vera juice, pure essential oils & phthalate free fragrance oils.


Natural, Organic Skin and Body Products

There are over 850 chemicals – known to be toxic - presently allowed in cosmetics & skin/hair/babycare products in North America. Rethink Organics manufactures and sells high quality, organic body care products that are free from toxic ingredients. Rethink Organics is the safe choice.


Face | Rethink Organics

Rethink Organics Facial products provide superior cleansing, toning & moisturizing options without the use of the toxice & irritating ingredients found in most commonly available lines. ReNewe Facial Care - This line is designed for people with normal to dry or mature skin, & is usually appropriate for sensitive skin as well. Two product lines for different skin types.


Hair | Rethink Organics

Rethink Organics Shampoo was specifically designed to be ultra mild, yet truly effective, with enhanced conditioning from special vitamins, proteins & EFA’s. These shampoos will not foam quite as much as the more commonly available products containing SLS, but will clean your hair just as well. Available in 6 oz tottles, convenient 2 oz tottles for travel & 1/2 oz sample squeeze bottles. Super clean hair without the harshness of SLS.