Pay.It and Bill.It Provide complete account receivable/payable, and GL Integration

By: Retail123  09-12-2011

Paying bills with R etail123 is effortless and accurate. Forget searching through disorganized files.  Instantly find information when you need it, saving time and avoiding credit holds. Use Pay.It for all accounts payable tracking. Couple Pay.It with Bill.It, or accounts recievable module, and the integrated General Ledger, you always know your financial picture.

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Details - e commerce

Allows you to sell items from the same inventory as your real world brick & mortar store. Our next generation software allows you to integrate your e-store. Take advantage of the new way to do business.


Report on Sales, Employee Productivity, Customer Identification and Mailing Labels, Complete Inventory Analysis

Know.It features easy to read visual graphs, order analysis, commision tracking and automated scripting. Know.It, advanced reporting module, lets you generate over 400 different types of reports. Analyze the best selling brands, departments, genders, styles and sizes. Quickly determine if your store is stocked with the ?right. Merchandise resulting in quicker inventory turns.


Details - inventory and purchase orders

Compare this to the conventional method of taking inventory, which requires many employees and several days to complete, with results that are often inaccurate. A store wide physical inventory can be done in a matter of hours. Using a portable data colloector and Count..It.