By: Response42  09-12-2011

Response42 Query & Report makes ad-hoc querying and reporting extremely easy. Creating a report with Response42 Query & Report entails simply selecting english words or phrases from a menu.

Simple or Complex Questions

Response42 Query & Report can answer questions that include

  • percent of total: "Show customers that placed more than 10% of total number of orders".
  • comparison and string operations: "Show customers that bought at least one product whose name contains 'brush'".
  • logical conjuctions: "Show customers that placed more than 10 orders and that generated below average revenue".

Any combination of these advanced constructs is supported.

Instant Dashboard

Questions are answered using fully interactive dashboards that show an overview of the answer as well as the details.


Increase User Satisfaction

No amount of ready-made reports or reporting templates will satisfy your users. Let the users create reports they really need in the simplest way possible - in plain English. Save your users thousands of dollars in business intelligence consulting fees.

Make Your Applications Stand Out

Package a powerful yet easy to use ad-hoc reporting with your application and differentiate yourself from the competition. Add Response42 Query & Report to your application in minutes at a fraction of a cost of developing even the simplest ad-hoc querying or ad-hoc reporting solution.

Simple Integration

Response42 Query & Report works in both Java and .NET environtments.

In .NET world, Response42 Query & Report is a Microsoft IIS(c) web application that you can redistribute. You can integrate it with your application by adding a simple hyperlink. Tighter integration is possible via Web Services or without IIS through standalone .NET libraries.

Please, contact us, if you'd like to know more about Java integration possibilities.

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