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By: Rem Communications  09-12-2011
Keywords: Flexibility, Internet Service

REM Communications Ltd. is a low cost alternative to your internet service needs. As a local business tailored to the traveling guests and locals of this community, we offer flexibility where the big corporations may not.


  • Customer Support: 24/7 tech support, our company is 100% locally owned and operated
  • Fast: Wireless G network at 54 MBs per second.
  • Ease of use: Works exactly like your connection at home or in the office. Simply open your web browser, enter your password to login, and surf away. This works with all browsers, operating system, phones and devices. EASY!
  • Roaming coverage: Find a WirelessinWhistler, WirelessinPemberton or WirelessinSquamish signal and connect. Your username and password will work there also. Take your internet service provider with you!
  • No wires: Move your laptop or desktop computer and connect.
  • No configuring your wireless router: No need to deal with low signal strength and security issues, lets us solve this for you.
  • No waiting: No installations.. No longer waiting for your service to be installed.. get connected today!
  • No contracts: Just simple, Pay and use only what you need at great low Rates. Save your Money!
  • No hidden costs:  If you don't use the service there is no cost to you, no extra bandwidth, caps, charges, no nothing!


VoIP Phone Services: $ 10.95/month local only, $19.95/month unlimited BC, $29.95/month Unlimited north America plus some European countries, and basically the globe mostly all places for $39.95/ month (plus taxes)

If you want to host an antenna? Call today for installation and discounted prices!

The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

Keywords: Flexibility, Internet Service