Cobble Coat

By: Reliance Supply  09-12-2011
Keywords: sealer, Concrete Sealers

Cobble Coat is a water clear, solvent-based sealer designed to protect and beautify brick pavers, concrete floors, and Texture Deck. Cobble Coat is made from 100% acrylic resins and is higher in solids than most conventional concrete sealers . Cobble Coat provides water and UV light resistance with unusually good adhesion to a variety of substrates.

  • Wet look
  • Years of protection against sun and water damage
  • Helps prevent color of pavers from fading
  • Non-yellowing
  • Helps stabilize joints between paversHelps minimize mold and algae growth
  • Inhibits weeds and anthills

Clear coating to enhance and protect cement, pavers, and stone

Surfaces must be clean and dry before sealing. All grease, oil and potential contaminants must be removed. Concrete should cure a minimum of 28 days before sealing. Interlocking brick does not require etching. Cobble Clean and Cobble Prep may be used for specific cleaning situations. Two thin coats provide the best results. Do not apply Cobble Coat more frequently than every 18 months to avoid buildup of the sealer. DO NOT thin material. Future applications should be applied in only one thin coat.


Keywords: Concrete Sealers, sealer

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Cobble Loc

On smoothly troweled concrete, an acid etch is recommend using muriatic acid.Cobble Loc contains a part A and part B that must be mixed together. As a topcoat over Coloron, Colorcrete or TD One Step, apply a uniform coat undiluted by water. Dilute with one part water to one part mixed sealer and apply with roller or sprayer. Surfaces must be clean and free of any contaminants before sealing.



This organic cleaner will remove oxide formed stains (i.e. rust from sprinklers) from bare and coated concrete surfaces. When used on interlocking pavers, the surface will not be etched thus protecting the paver’s colors. Eliminates ugly brown stains formed by rust or fertilizers on concrete surfaces. Apply by spraying or rolling Oxhide on surfaces to be cleaned.


Cobble Prep

Clean individual stains prior to an entire area efflorescence cleaning only. Always test your surface for color reaction in an inconspicuous area first. Apply the COBBLE PREP solution starting at the lowest point on the surface. Work on 200 – 250 square foot sections at a time. READ LABEL THOROUGHLY BEFORE APPLYING PRODUCT. Make sure the cleaner covers all areas. Repeat operation only if necessary.


Cobble Clean

Always test sealed surfaces first with COBBLE CLEAN as the strength of the cleaner may strip some coatings.Cut 1 part cleaner to 10 - 15 parts water. Scrub area with a brush or stiff bristle broom.All COBBLE CLEAN applications should be followed with a thorough water rinse. For tough stains and the removal of tiremarks, COBBLE CLEAN may be used straight. It may be necessary to repeat cleaning.