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By: Relationship Selling  09-12-2011

by Motivation & Sales Expert, Jim Cathcart

First, let me say, “May God bless the people of Japan.” What they are going through is horrific and deeply tragic. My heart goes out to them and I hope we all will do what we can to assist them.

On a larger scale, it may be worth noting that “The Ring of Fire”, the volcanic and seismic perimeter around the Pacific Ocean has certainly earned its reputation in recent years. And, if a zig zag pattern of catastrophic events is in place, then the US or Mexico appear to be next. Lord, I hope not. But folks, we reside upon a living organism that we call Earth. It is ever-changing and since the beginning of time it has behaved in powerful irresistable ways.

Entire mountain ranges have emerged from great geological upheavals, floods have changed entire regions, continents have shifted, rivers have been redirected by earthquakes, regions have frozen, melted and erupted in great acts of nature. We know this and have known this for generations. The Earth has behaviors both on the ground and in its climate that are unstoppable. But today many people are trying to say that our weather patterns and other natural phenomena are human-caused or at least human-aggravated. I seriously doubt that. Despite the “scientific evidence” that many rely upon in their efforts to fix blame, there is also abundant evidence that these patterns of weather and movement are as natural as the seasons.

A book I read recently documented this premise well. It is titled, “Unstoppable Global Warming, every 1,500 years”, by Singer & Avery. Roman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc. ISBA-13: 978-0-7425-5117-6 . As you might expect, Al Gore and the “Climate Change is caused by humans” crowd haven’t taken time to study this book or its research findings much. Nor has their own hypocrisy caught their eye as we are reminded of the same arguments they used one generation ago to increase fears of Global Cooling. They are more interested in passing legislation that restricts the way we live and requires us, “under penalty of law”, to do as they feel we should. I am a proud and confident denier of the human-caused climate change argument. Earth is smarter and more resilient than we give it credit for. It heals itself in remarkably short time. The Alaskan oil spill, eruptions of great volcanoes worldwide, the Gulf oil spill and other disasters that we were told would create uncorrectable problems for generations; were instead self-corrected by the earth’s doing what God designed it to do; take care of itself. If a spotted owl goes extinct, the world will produce a replacement somehow if one is needed. The earth knows how to correct its excesses.

Government is not our solution; as Ronald Reagan said, “Government IS the problem!” (Now more than ever because there is more of it than ever in US history and despite more government, we don’t have fewer limits on happy living, we have many more.

But…with that being said, and some readers already alienated, I still believe that we can and should live responsibly as it relates to Earth. There is no justification for needless waste, irresponsible pollution, or excessive exploitation of resources. However, I refuse to give others the power to dictate what light bulbs I use at home, how often I flush my toilets, whether I carry things in paper, plastic or cloth bags and more. Folks we have bigger problems to solve. Look at our friends in Japan. God bless them. They are dealing with tragedy of epic proportions, as have our neighbors recently in Santiago, Chile; Queensland, Australia; and ChristChurch, New Zealand.

We have, on the other side of the world, war in Libya, chaos in Egypt, hatred in Iran & Syria, and fears, threats, etc. all over the Middle East. In the USA we are sitting on generations worth of oil reserves and yet, in the interest of not making a mess of our environment, we refuse to empower our own people to drill here and now. May I point out that we have reached our own generation’s great crisis?

Our parents had World War II and the Cold War to deal with. We weren’t sure whether we’d survive either of them. But we did. And we figured out HOW to do it only AFTER we had advanced boldly into the darkness and challenges. Today the world is in chaos. Between the human caused misery and threats we also have natural disasters to deal with. Isn’t it time we put the priorities on preserving human life, the perpetuation of our species, and advancing our skills in dealing with nature? We need to get back to being good people and working hard to do what matters most.

Let future generations fix blame if they must. We need to survive and thrive again. So, let’s take care of ourselves, reach out to help each other and stop the haters from harming people. Drill here, drill now, empower entrepreneurs to experiment tax-free with solutions to the world’s problems. Keep our country American: citizen-based, English-speaking, primarily Judeo-Christian, heterosexually dominant, and profitably productive. No other country is as welcoming to differences are we are. We accept them, accommodate them well and defend their rights just as we defend those unlike them. We are the most tolerant, generous and optimistic people in the history of Earth. Let’s apply that energy to the good that we can do.

Foster freedom; here and abroad. Remove government oppression, bureaucratic “solutions” that never are solutions, and government intrusion into daily living. Let’s just go forth and multiply our strengths, our possibilities, our businesses, our minds and our ability to help others.

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