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By: Reid Eddison  09-12-2011

Step 1 - Define Your Strategy

"Stand in the Future™"Many technology companies are so busy seizing today's hot opportunity that if you ask three different executives at the same company where the company is going, you are likely to get three different answers. By contrast, other companies never stop talking about the future long enough to execute a current plan.

It requires a real shift for technology executives to think both strategically and tactically about where their company is headed. Yet it is essential for the senior leadership team to have a clear, shared understanding of company direction, both long term and short term, as they strive to win customers, inspire employees and raise money.

Stand in the Future™ is a two-day session facilitated by Reid Eddison that gives your executives the opportunity to imagine a realistic future for your company in the form of a three-year Business Strategy Framework that connects to today's operations. We help you identify your company's top 10 strategic outcomes, and develop a three-year financial model that embraces your future direction.

As part of the process, we also help overcome the unspoken and unforeseen obstacles to your company’s success. What separates us from other strategic planning facilitators is our practical, results-oriented methodology, and the fact that we are former founders and executives of technology companies, and we understand the issues you face.

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Reid Eddison’s proprietary planning and business monitoring methodology is well established as an excellent way to help companies articulate their strategic vision and turn this vision into meaningful action. We have led over 100 with clients from coast to coast, with many clients returning year after year. Reid Eddison's Approach to Building a Winning Technology Company.