Due Diligence

By: Regroup Llc  09-12-2011
Keywords: Due Diligence

Get transparency and insight through experienced eyes

Is your organization considering an acquisition? Seeking a strategic partnership with an investment adviser? Looking for a smarter way to see and manage risk over the long-term?

We’ve seen the insides of a lot of investment firms. We help them grow while avoiding unnecessary risk. We’ve leveraged that broad experience into smart due diligence models designed to help tell the whole story. Our process is designed to help you avoid exposure to unnecessary risk, manage the necessary ones, and help you see valuable embedded opportunities. We’re able to quickly spot (and help you plan for) “unforeseen” issues within a target firm. So you don’t expose your company to unnecessary risk—or miss out.

The challenge: Many companies rely too heavily on the numbers

The numbers are important parts of a company’s story. But too often, the due diligence process begins and ends with a report on the target firm’s investment performance. Recent markets are a sharp reminder that the price of ignoring the rest of the story is steep. And many companies lack the time and expertise needed to conduct a thorough review--or create insight from the data.

Failing to effectively stress test the people and processes along with the performance creates the risk of negatively impacting your own company’s reputation. Your budget. Your clients. And it’s preventable.

Our solution: Dig deeper to learn the rest of the story

At ReGroup, we construct and execute due diligence models that go well beyond the numbers. We ask the right questions, review the right documents, and tell the rest of the story to you and your stakeholders.

Our process pairs well with hard data to reveal a cohesive understanding of the manager. We’ll help you understand what makes your target firm tick: we’ll show you how they make decisions today, and describe how they’re likely to conduct themselves over time. We’ll uncover both the hidden opportunities and the hazards that can help make you into an informed, strategic decision-maker for your company.

Benefits of working with ReGroup

Our experts will:

  • Conduct a coordinated and targeted review customized to your unique business needs
  • Evaluate people, portfolios, processes, and technology relative to their investment strategy and business model
  • Show which of the target firm’s internal process and people are underutilized
  • Work collaboratively with your current staff and service providers
  • Provide practical and insightful results
  • Assess a manager’s compliance and operational risks and controls
  • Backup our insights with credible information
  • Provide you with a ReGroup BluePrint that outlines key next steps

So you can:

  • Gain critical insights into your target firm
  • Value embedded risks
  • Incorporate risks into terms and conditions of the contractual relationship
  • Respond appropriately to pending contractual terms

Keywords: Due Diligence

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