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Work with us on how you work

Do you have untapped talents that would help your work? Do you want to improve skills in order to add value more consistently? Do you get in your own way? You don’t have to. We can help.

The challenge: Knowing that you need to do something different, but not knowing how

CEOs value problem-solving, interdisciplinary business analysis, great communication skills, and an attitude that supports getting the job done. Even successful executives know they have the potential to do better, but they don’t always know how to get there from here.

We work with executives every day who are unsatisfied with their level of achievement, their credibility on the job, their ability to clearly define their agenda or their ability to move that agenda forward to completion.

The bottom line is that as much as you want to contribute more and stop getting in your own way, you don’t know how. If you did, you would have done it by now.

Our solution: Coaches who know what you do - and know what they’re doing

As an innovative coaching organization focused on the investment management industry, ReGroup helps top- and mid-level executives build their ability to contribute.

Our coaching is based upon a simple philosophy that success is linked: if you are successful, your department, your company and our industry are more likely to be successful. With that in mind, we help executives focus on the future. We foster individual performance in a business context. We help you discover your path and support your work with coaching from top-flight professionals.All that without trial-and-error learning. Coaches agree that the most important qualification of a good coach is experience coaching in a similar setting. We marshal our deep experience in the investment management industry to see what you do and provide practical, actionable advice to help you achieve peak personal performance. We work through a diagnostic process to customize a program that provides a high level of clarity about what we will achieve together.Consider what you can accomplish on your own. Then consider that ReGroup coaching can help you achieve those same goals in half the time while providing you with a lower stress, higher quality of life along the way. Stop getting in your own way - let us help you achieve your potential while contributing at a higher level to your firm’s success.

Our coaching services include three programs:

Fast Track – a program designed for people in a new position or with new responsibilities. It’s designed to help you create a clear and compelling vision for you and your team, create and protect your credibility, and execute and measure success.

Ninja Coaching – a short term program designed to support you during times of extreme change, such as mergers and acquisitions, the creation of new business lines, or your first presentation to the board.Customized Coaching – a program we design with you to fit your situation.

A Message to CEOs

Are you asking more from fewer people - and at the same high level of execution you’ve always expected? Are you the only person in your firm who is innovating? It’s not surprising that you find a shortage of the skills you need in the available labor pool.

For years, CEOs have used coaches - sometimes several at the same time - to achieve personal peak performance. It’s time to consider how to keep your highest potential and most critical players on the field and working to capacity. That’s where we can help.

In our industry, employee skills must evolve to meet the demands of an increasingly complex, globalized, and technology-driven workplace. Professional development can provide not only the skills they need to have now, but skills that can spark the next new idea. You can use coaching effectively to acknowledge professionalism and the shared desire to learn and contribute, which is the hallmark of the professional mindset.

Coaching is an investment: we help you ensure that your investment results in increased productivity designed to impact your bottom line. We align our coaching with your company’s goals and your philosophy, we help you assess the potential of your team members, and we create specific and observable results. ReGroup coaching can help relay your expectations to critical team members to help your firm stay competitive.

Call us to help you with:

  • Retention – Decrease your risk of losing valuable employees
  • Productivity – Mitigate the impact of change on productivity and leverage opportunity
  • Transformation – Maintain your competitive advantage through extreme change
  • High Growth – Support key employees in meeting the demands of dynamic change
  • Mergers and Acquisitions – Support leaders you rely on to unify multiple organizations
  • Downsizing – Accelerate the internal transitions and ensure the right people are in the right positions
  • New Leader – Heighten the potential for success of a team member with new and challenging responsibilities
  • Technical Experts – Improve communication skills

Benefits of working with ReGroup

Our experts will:

  • Clearly define what success in coaching means
  • Help you see patterns of behavior
  • Eliminate distractions
  • Quickly set up the right next steps
  • Design a program for your circumstances
  • Apply our experience and expertise
  • Help you succeed on purpose, not by accident

So you can:

  • Work better, faster, and smarter
  • Identify and use your skills to add value more consistently
  • Gain confidence
  • Closely tie personal goals to the firm’s needs
  • Focus on your clients – internal or external
  • Develop a deeper understanding of how to avoid unproductive behavior
  • Enjoy a clearer sense of purpose

Getting Started

To learn more about these coaching services and to register today for the next available opening, please call us to set up a free consultation at 415-681-2230.

Keywords: Coaching, Investment Management

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