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By: Regreen  09-12-2011

Recycling | ReGreen Corporation

When most people think of recycling, they picture separating their bottles, cans, and paper goods into separate bins.  But facility managers see quite a different picture.  ReGreen’s Recycling Division supports the full range of business recycling needs, from outdated electronic and electrical equipment to large-scale mechanical equipment, to surplus or slow-moving inventory goods.  Our primary recycling services fall into three tiers:

Scrap Materials Recovered from Small Scale Projects

  • Property owners and businesses are responsible for the proper handling and disposition of waste materials that result from even minor facility renovations
  • Energy retrofit projects often contain hazardous materials like toxic heavy metals
  • Facility managers must maintain downstream waste material traceability

ReGreen offers a range of solutions that can help you extract the maximum value from scrap materials like metal, and divert that value back into your income stream.

Utility Demolition

  • Regulations and requirements for removing outdated machinery and equipment are complex and daunting.
  • It often seems easier to leave the old systems sitting next to the new rather than freeing up that space for other uses.
  • Aged systems are likely to contain toxic or hazardous materials like asbestos and refrigerants.

ReGreen staff are experts at developing removal procedures that are safe, recover the significant scrap value of these systems, and free up your space for other uses.

Specialty Waste

A high return can be reaped by intelligently managing waste from both operations and management. From the perspective of commercial real estate, this specialty waste accrues from two sources:  the building itself and the tenants that rent space.  The waste can come from:

  • Information technology assets – or electronic waste like dated servers and computers – often gathers dust because the drives may contain valuable data that companies fear will end up in the wrong hands.  Old telecommunication equipment, televisions, video equipment, etc. take up space in closets and storage rooms because they can’t just be tossed away.
  • Other specialty waste exists in the form of broken and failed parts or equipment, discontinued products and components, and other obsolete materials that have seen the end of their useful life.
  • Finally, businesses that offer products for sale often devote precious warehouse space to surplus or slow-moving inventory – returns, refurbishments, bad box inventory, seconds, overstocks – items that may be more cost effective to recycle than to pay for the space and man-hours required for storage, tracking, and below-cost sales.

ReGreen can effectively dispose of electronic waste and recycle its valuable components; recycle equipment that is no longer useful, and develop the disposition and recycling solutions that offer maximum return on your slow moving inventory items.


ReGreen’s Recycling Division is equipped to deal with all business recycling needs.  Initially started as a closed-loop solution for handling the waste products from our Retrofit & Upgrade process and to process the construction scrap produced by our Service Division, the Recycling Division has grown into an independent organization that handles all levels of the recycling process.

From old boilers or air handling units to surplus inventory to electronic waste, our Recycling Experts can work with you to develop a sensible plan to remove waste materials with minimal disturbance to building occupants, and maximum return for your recyclables.

Our knowledge and contacts in the recycling industry:

  • Give our Customers access to resources not normally available
  • Allow us to develop a recycling plan that assesses all of your options for waste asset disposition
  • Propose a plan that is custom tailored to the needs of your organization

So let our trained, licensed Recycling Experts trade the useless, hazardous, and time-consuming materials that are crowding your facility for some breathing room and a boost to your bottom line.   Call us today for ideas about one-time or regular schedules for:

  • Recycling unused building systems and equipment
  • Safely, responsibility, and transparently cleaning and disposing of your old high-tech equipment
  • Collecting and disposing of your e-waste
  • Developing effective solutions for offloading obsolete or slow moving inventory

We can also help you support your internal sustainability mission or fundraising efforts through scheduling regular employee e-waste collection drives or other special events.

The ReGreen Responsible Recycling & Environmental Management Promise

ReGreen Recycling believes in leading by example.  In all of our actions and practices, we strive to show the highest consideration for the environment, health, and safety.  We pledge to maintain an effective recycling hierarchy based on responsible management best practices that incorporate the “Plan, Do, Check, Act” methodology.  Our goal is to continuously improve materials management, both on-site and throughout the recycling chain.

In support of this pledge, we will assure on all projects that:

  • All focus materials are processed in the US.
  • The recycling chain-of-custody is always transparent and thorough
  • All secondary processors and end-market vendors are regularly audited

Our environmental management protocols are designed to:

  • Adhere to a focused material plan for managing items with polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB’s), items containing mercury, CRTs and CRT glass, batteries, and whole or shredded circuit boards
  • Commit resources to provide sustainable recycling solutions for our customers
  • Comply with all environmental, health, and safety regulations
  • Educate employees about the environmental aspects of their jobs, how to safely and effectively conduct facility operations, and how individual actions impact the environment
  • Establish specific, attainable environmental goals designed to continually improve our environmental performance
  • Identify hazards and assess any on-site occupational and environmental risks
  • Eliminate Adverse environmental impacts of company operations
  • Maximize the recycling of incoming materials and components

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