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By: Regent Instruments  09-12-2011
Keywords: image analysis, Image Acquisition

WinRHIZO is an image analysis system specifically designed for root measurement in different forms. It can do morphology (length, area, volume..), topology, architecture and color analyses. It is made of a computer program and image acquisition components that can be combined to meet different needs and budgets.

WinRHIZO automatically or interactively analyses washed roots.

For rhizotron or in-situ root analysis, see our WinRHIZO Tron product.

Keywords: Image Acquisition, image analysis

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Image Analysis Systems and Software for tree-ring, wood cell, root, seed, needle, broad leaf and canopy analysis and measurement

Is a generic Color Area Meter that quantifies area occupied by colors of interest, classifies objects in function of color, measures basic object’s morphology, do Color indexes and NDVI analysis and can be used as a color or grey levels profilometer. It can measure cell's walls and lumen (cell, vessel, parenchyma) area, length, width, number, density, position and more on images covering part of an annual ring or a few complete rings.


WinFOLIA, a versatile leaf area meter. Build your own system

Conventional and inexpensive digital cameras1 can also be used for leaf image acquisition (in the field or laboratory). The background can also be installed on a base with a camera holder arm which allows to position a camera over it. To facilitate this task, we offer the Leaf image Acquisition Kit for digital cameras. Precautions must be taken so that calibration can be done accurately and rapidly.


WinDENDRO, an image analysis system for tree-ring measurement, stem and wood density analysis

Productivity gain, operator comfort, images archiving with or without their analysis, a working method that encourages and facilitates verifications and easy commands to move back and forth along an analysed sample (without mechanical delays or backlash). In comparison to manual measurement systems, WinDENDRO offers advantages from different points of view.


Scanopy, an advanced canopy analysis system for scientific research

WinSCANOPY is a digital image analyser for canopy and solar radiations analysis which measures leaf area index, gap fraction, canopy openness, site factors and much more. It works from hemispherical images taken by a digital camera and a fisheye lens or from cover images with a narrower view angle. Some models are ultra compact and lightweight but still exhibit a very good image quality.