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By: Reeltime Videoworks  09-12-2011
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Marketing videos can used in many different ways. Creating video to enhance your brand, promote your product, show a service or express a message are just a few ways to use the power of video to deliver your marketing message.

Product Videos

Product videos can be created to show a product line or a single product. Videos can also be created to train employees or clients on how to use your products. You can use product video on web sites, in packaging or even as giveaways.

Movies for the Web

Web sites are often the first impression of your company a potential client sees. Giving them an introduction to your company that they wonʼt forget can be invaluable. Website videos can also be used to market your products or services, introduce company personnel, train employees and customers and so much more.


Much the same as movies for the web, commercials are created to demonstrate a product, service or highlight a companyʼs public perception in a positive and meaningful way. Many safeguards must be considered when shooting a commercial for TV broadcast. Factors like audio and video compatibility to station requirements are first and foremost. At Reeltime Videoworks we will take care of all the technical requirements so you donʼt have to.

Branding Videos

The power of video is a great tool to assist companies with their branding strategies. Video will add an emotional component to your target prospects. Video will also deliver your message clearly, helping viewers to keep your brand in their hearts and minds, solidifying your brand as being the ʻonlyʼ one to solve their problem. If branding is done effectively it will separate you from your competition and that is what Reeltime Videoworks will help you achieve.

Keywords: Branding Videos, commercials, Marketing Videos, Video,

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Live Event video coverage | Reeltime Videoworks

Because of this we do remind clients that when situations occur that are beyond our control we will use our experience and intuition to achieve the shots needed to ?ll the contractual agreement. Reeltime Videoworks will assist you in determining the best solution for you, based on your venue, size, number of days and type of event. Use the power of video to showcase your products or services at trade shows or live events.


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Reeltime Videoworks will provide you with an overview of the production concept, reviewing what was decided upon during the consultation question session. This process involves a series of questions to ensure we fully understand the client?s expectations and budget requirements. Will talent and/or extra crew need to be hired, shooting locations found, royalty free music used.


Corporate & Business Video Production in Vancouver

Our equipment list includes 4 point lighting kits, state of the art wireless microphones and if required, extra technicians, including those dedicated to set up and record audio. Training videos allow businesses to give their employees or clients a consistent and integrated message on products, job training, policy and much more.


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At Reeltime Videoworks we will help companies sort through the many aspects of video production to arrive at the best possible solution to meet their expectations and budget. These questions are meant to help both parties discover goals needed for success. Once the goal is agreed upon the production process begins.