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By: Reeltime Videoworks  09-12-2011
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Below is a brief outline of our process:


This process involves a series of questions to ensure we fully understand the clientʼs expectations and budget requirements. Will talent and/or extra crew need to be hired, shooting locations found, royalty free music used? These are just a few of the items we need to know about your video production.


Reeltime Videoworks will provide you with an overview of the production concept, reviewing what was decided upon during the consultation question session.


Details of the production concept is written into a contract. This is where decisions on budget, graphics, pre and post production costs are finalized.


A written or pictorial representation of the video.


Creation and approval of the script is finalized, which is a critical part of any video production. The script can be created by the client or Reeltime Videoworks.

Shooting Approval

Signing off on the script means the scenes and locations are reviewed and approved.

Rough Cut

The first cut of the video is ready for review and comments. Revisions are made before the final cut is made.

Final Cut

Changes made from the rough cut are reviewed

Picture Lock

Production and video are complete and ready for release onto the chosen format.

Keywords: Video

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