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By: Reef Gate  09-12-2011
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Reef Gate's 150 Gallon Aquarium with Mbuna from Lake Malawi, Africa

Reef Gate is proud to offer professional aquarium maintenance and services in the Vancouver, BC area. With over 17 years of aquarium experience, we are able to provide expertise and professionalism for you and your fresh or saltwater aquariums. No matter how far-gone an aquarium, we will do our best to restore it to a pristine condition that you can be proud to show off.

Why hire Reef Gate to service your aquarium?

The key to a successful aquarium is often regular maintenance. A healthy, vibrant and clean aquarium will add beauty and class to any room that it is in, whereas a neglected, algae infested aquarium is nothing but an eyesore and embarassment. An aquarium can be hard work to revamp and maintain, but Reef Gate can take care of the setup and maintenance so you can kick back, relax, and enjoy the view.

What will Reef Gate do during a service?

We will do everything that your aquarium needs to be healthy and in excellent condition. Before the service, an initial contact is made to determine what you have at present and what you are looking for in terms of your aquarium. The required supplies will then be brought with us when we come for service. This includes:

  • - Do a partial water change
  • - Syphon the gravel or sand
  • - Clean the glass from both the inside and out
  • - Ensure all equipment is running properly and clean it periodically
  • - Wipe down any equipment to remove dirt and grime
  • - Clean filters and media or replace them
  • - Feed the fish
  • - Empty and clean out protein skimmer cups
  • - Periodically replace aquarium decorations, substrate, lightbulbs or other items that require it
  • - Periodically revamp the overall look and feel of the aquarium to something that both you and your aquarium residents will appreciate

This is by no means a comprehensive list, but it notes some of the main concerns that clients have with their aquariums. Some clients have a hard time imagining what their aquarium could look like, but Reef Gate can turn a dirty aquarium, a pile of rocks, a bag of sand, some coral or plants, and time into a beautiful, unique underwater ecosystem.

How much are Reef Gate's services?

Due to the various sizes and complexities of aquariums, Reef Gate charges per hour. We will bring our service vehicle to your location with the supplies we will require and any other items that were previously discussed. Regular maintenance schedule rates are 10% less. Nearly all regular maintenance visits can be done within an hour.

  • $49.99 per hour
  • + Applicable taxes

Larger, more time-intensive projects like setups and overhauls will be determined on a per-individual basis. We work quickly and efficiently because we understand the value of your dollar.

Going on vacation?

Reef Gate can come to your home periodically during your absence to ensure that your aquarium is happy and healthy, any required water top offs are performed, feed your fish, dose any supplements and to ensure that there are no mishaps. If anything was to fail or break on an aquarium, it almost always waits until the day after you leave on a vacation.

  • $34.99 per visit for basic duties including feeding, water top-offs, and a general lookover of the system.

If there is a major problem and Reef Gate needs to stay longer to mop the floor, fix some complex equipment, or perform standard maintenance, the regular service rates are then applied.

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