By: Redstar Canada  09-12-2011
Keywords: transportation, Gas, Truck Operator

Oilfield transportation operations use specialized vehicles fitted with auxiliary equipment designed for the following:                                                                

Highway moving of all types of construction/plant equipment, pipe and camps. Off highway transportation of equipment and supplies dismantling, transport and assembly of drilling and service rigs Oil and gas transportation services - swam per, - supervisor, - bed truck Operator, multi-wheel truck operator, - bulk haul truck operator and - winch Tractor operator, are available for certification under the Apprenticeship and

Industry Act:

Swapper – assists truck operator in conducting pre-trip and post-trip Inspections and loading and unloading trucks. Supervisor – supervise and coordinate job operations, truck operators, swappers and other workers.

Bed Truck Operator – operates a truck specifically designed with a flat deck, winch and optional gin poles and is used without a trailer to move rig buildings, derricks, matting and other miscellaneous oilfield equipment.

Multi-wheel Truck Operator – operates a multi-wheel truck which is a truck and trailer configuration that includes jeeps, trailers and boosters.

These are used primarily for over dimensional and over weight loads or loads requiring permits.

Bulk Haul Truck Operator – operates a bulk haul truck which is a truck with a vessel or tank that is used for the transportation of liquid and gas products and other substances used in the exploration, development and production of oil and gas resources.

Winch Tractor Operator – operates a winch tractor which is a heavy duty truck outfitted with a winch. Winches allow for the loading and off loading of rig loads unto trailers without the use of cranes. These are used to transport legal loads and loads requiring permits.

Keywords: Gas, transportation, Truck Operator

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