RedE Vault Cloud Services

By: Rede Vault  09-12-2011

 Built with the same powerful feature set as the desktop version of the Red E Vault software , the Red E Innovations cloud services allow you to access and share your data from anywhere in the world with an internet connected computer. Our cloud services are delivered via the Microsoft Azure platform which allows us nearly unlimited scalability, multiple levels of redundancy and global reach. Some of the key Microsoft Azure features leveraged by the Red E Vault cloud version are listed below:
  • Windows Azure Geo-replication replicates Windows Azure Blobs and Tables between two data centers 100s of miles apart from each other on the same continent, at no additional cost, to provide additional data durability in the case of a major disaster.
  • All your content stored on Windows Azure is replicated three times. No matter which storage service you use, your data will be replicated on different fault domains thereby making it much more fault tolerant.
  • The Microsoft Azure Content Delivery Network dramatically boosts performance by automatically storing content near where it is most frequently accessed.
  • The Microsoft SQL Azure Database (used for Red E Vault data form and user information storage) has high availability and fault tolerance is built-in.
  • All Microsoft Azure services are properly installed, configured, secured and updated by the company that actually developed the software from the ground up.