RecordGuard Document Management - Offsite document storage company for the NY City tristate area

By: Record Guard  09-12-2011

When you utilize RecordGuard, we operate as an extension of your business. We learn the needs and intricacies of how your storing and organizing is handled, then proceed to maintain consistency when we safeguard your materials on our premises. Keeping your documents in a secure location enables you to maintain control and peace of mind. Your materials are safely stored in 24/7 surveillance and climate controlled warehouses that possess zoned sprinklers and off-the-floor racks for added security. Our locations surpass all industry standards for safety, security and record tracking.

We team our clients with experienced project managers who are constantly evolving with technology, creating a partnership that is in line with your needs and the most current solutions. Your sensitive materials, documents and records are always being handled by a consultant who develops a individualized procedure tailored to suit your needs. With our vigilance, you can rest assured that your materials are organized in a safe, secure system in an accurate and professional manner.

The Advance Group is one of the tri-state areas’ largest and most experienced movers. We provide planning services for long or short distance moving of your stored records. Additionally, we provide all necessary equipment and qualified personnel to transfer your documents in an efficient, timely, and professional manner.