Premium Storage Solution by Recall

By: Recall  09-12-2011

What do you define as irreplaceable – a patent, original uniforms, or a secret recipe or formula? Companies and organizations must safeguard items of high intrinsic value. Historical records and books, deeds, blueprints, film, contracts and samples are all valuable items requiring secure, controlled storage.

Recall’s ProTect solution provides state-of-the-art, climate-controlled, high-security vault protections for items of high intrinsic value. ProTect offers:

  • Secure facilities within Information Centers built to sustain severe weather.
  • Climate-controlled environments tailored to the sensitive needs of paper, photographs, fabric and film.
  • Access to your items.
  • Personalized support to assist you with any specialized needs your items require.

You trust Recall to securely manage your information needs – from storage to digitization to destruction. Trust us to safeguard your important and irreplaceable items. When it’s important to you, when it can’t be replaced – ProTect it.

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