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By: Realtors First  09-12-2011
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Making things easy! To simplify your life our website was created with you in mind so you can arrange scheduling services or order feature sheets any time day or night. Scheduling services are active immediately and calls will be taken during business hours as soon as the listing is added to our website.

Live Properties will be active within 1 business day after ordering the service.

Showing Appointments & Feedback: We will schedule all showing appointments for each registered listing on your behalf and will notify you of all showings by email. If you would like we will also solicit feedback for all showings, this service is included at no additional charge.
Feature Sheets: In just a few simple steps you will have feature sheets in your hand created directly from our website without even stepping outside your front door. Simply choose which feature sheet template you would like of our 1 and 2 page choices, fill out our simple questionnaire or have the information taken directly from the mls listing; upload the images you wish to have used in the feature sheet and we will create, print and ship the feature sheets to you within 72 hours. We will email you a copy for verification before printing.

Bring your Listings to LIFE!

Live Properties: This telephone service allows your properties to speak for themselves 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Prospective buyers can call this number anytime to hear your recorded message and if they are interested they can leave a message to schedule a showing. This service allows you to grab the buyer’s attention and while you have it they can simply leave a message to make an appointment with you to view the property. This allows them to hear your voice, become familiar with you and increase your double-sided sales. This is also great because they don’t have to make another phone call as they are connected to voicemail after hearing the message. This message is then sent directly to you via email so you may listen to it on your computer.
Talking House: This is a successful system that top realtors all over North America use that allows prospective buyers to hear features of your property as they drive by. Incredibly simple to set up, it only requires you to record your desired listing, plug it into their home and let it help sell the house. Passersby simply tune their vehicle’s radio to the frequency listed on your For Sale sign and listen to the ad. Now you can have this innovative service to offer to your clients, making you stand out in the real estate market. This service is proven to get you more listings and double-sided sales. Eliminate the unnecessary calls from prospective buyers asking questions such as “How many bedrooms does it have” or “How many square feet is it”, thereby saving you time to do more productive things. With us you only pay for this on an as needed basis and at a fraction of the cost.

To take advantage of our unique products and services please call Realtors First at (403) 775-4636 during business hours to have your account set up immediately. Once you have your Username and Password you may order our services and products 24 hours a day.

Keywords: Feature Sheets