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Recipe book Tout cru dans l'bec
Personal Raw Vegan Chef
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Recipe book

Chantale Roy est créatrice du premier programme universitaire d’art culinaire cru au monde, professeur à l’Université de la Colombie- Britannique à Vancouver, cheffe en cuisine crue certifiée du Living Light Culinary Arts Institute en Californie, fondatrice du premier restaurant cru au Québec (Tout cru dans l’bec à Rouyn-Noranda) et du premier dans les Kootenays (Rawfreshing Cuisine) dans l’Ouest canadien, consultante en alimentation crue et vivante pour les entreprises et les particuliers, cheffe privée, conférencière et créatrice de chocolat cru, végétalien et biologique.

Au fil des recettes, vous vibrerez au rythme passionnel des fibres culinaires de Chantale.. Son respect pour tout ce qui est vivant vous inspirera et son amour des combinaisons de saveurs exquises vous enchantera..

Personal Raw Vegan Chef

Have you ever dreamed about having your personal chef at home, on a daily base or a few times a week?

Chantale is more than happy to make your dream come true and to make your life easier! She has more than 10 years of experience as a chef, owned two raw food restaurants, designed and collaborated to several other ones. Her creativity and expertise will contribute highly to your general wellness and happiness. Imagine having a variety of colorful, nutritious and divinely delicious meals prepared only for you, in your own kitchen..

Availability: monday to friday, daytime

Fees: 50$ / hr (minimum 4 hrs / day)

For more details, contact

Professional Consultation Services

For 1 to three people (additional cost for more people)
Fees: 75$ / hr  or 50$ / hr with a minimum of 3 hrs by session + expenses (transportation, accommodation, ingredients, etc.)

Private classes on specific topics you would like to learn more, in your own kitchen

For 1 person (additional cost for more people)
Fees: 75$ / hr  or 50$ / hr with a minimum of 3 hrs by session + expenses (transportation, accommodation, ingredients, etc.)

One Day Classes


Vibrant Living Breakfasts • Spicy Banana Almond Milk • Hearty Grawnola (Non-Cereal bowl with cranberries, granola, almond milk and bananas)

Exciting Living Lunches • Soft Veggie Tortilla Wrap • Brazil nut cheese • Marinated Onions • Tuscane's sun wrap

Decadent Living Snacks • Chocolate Sauce • Lavender Almond Bread

Heavenly Living  Dinners • Vegetable Pastas with creamy Porcini Sauce • Strawberry Carawmel Shortcake

When: Contact me
Where: To be determined
How much: $195 / person (10 people or more), including demos, organic living tastings, recipes, lots of informations and inspiration. A 50% deposit is required 1 week before the event. You are invited to register with Chantale by e-mail or on the phone: 604-790-8859.

Workshops • Summer 2011 • Fall 2011

July 2011

Summer institute: Cuisinons en français!

This intensive summer institute is designed for francophones and francophiles eager to explore the culinary arts. Learn to prepare nutritious and delicious vegetarian, vegan and raw food dishes under the guidance of French instructor and chef Chantale Roy. These hands-on classes are taught in French with pedagogical support and learning materials in the language. This is an opportunity to extend your culinary skills and practise French authentically in an immersion setting. BC French teachers should check with their local school boards to see if funding is available.

Prerequisite: An intermediate to advanced level of French is required.

One week, Mon-Fri, Jul 25-29, 5:30-8:30pm; Rm 130, Food, Nutrition and Health Bldg, UBC. $525, includes course materials and a chef’s apron.

 Location: University of British-Columbia, Point Grey Campus, Vancouver, BC

RSVP at UBC Language, Culture, Travel
Limited seats

Join Chef Chantale Roy to discover how adding raw foods to your daily diet can help support cancer prevention, clarity of mind, general well-being and a sustainable planet. The raw food movement, born on the West Coast, is quickly gaining ground worldwide as we focus time, money and energy on reducing current rates of diabetes, cancer, burn-out, depression and global warming. Learn how this ancient, simple and accessible approach can help address important contemporary issues.

Fri, Jul 15, 6-8pm, UBC Continuing Studies, Plaza Level Open Space, Robson Square
FREE. Limited Enrollment.

More details: or call 604.822.5042

October 2011

In this hands-on course with Living Chef instructor Chantale Roy, learn to prepare raw plant-based dishes to detoxify your body and increase your vitality. Learn techniques such as sprouting and dehydrating and prepare dishes such as vegan sushi, hemp pizza crust, macadamia nut vegan ‘’cheese’’, vegan dehydrated pepperonis, sumptuous desserts, and raw vegan ice cream.


4 Fri, Sep 30-Oct 21, 5:30-8:30pm; Rm 130, Food, Nutrition and Health Bldg, UBC. $450+tax, includes course materials, a chef’s apron and four multi-course meals.

There is ever increasing interest in the environmental and health benefits of a vegetarian diet. Discover for yourself the delightful world of meat-free and fish-free meals. Learn how to prepare tasty and nutritious dishes with fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, whole grains, legumes, eggs, milk and cheeses. Chef Chantale Roy guides you through using unique ingredients like quinoa, kamut, millet, chick peas, lentils, basmati rice, tofu, red beans, and more in a creative and flavourful way. In this hands-on program, you prepare four meals, while exploring ethnic flavors and the evolution of the vegetarian movement around the world.



Québec, Canada

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More to come..

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