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By: Ravon  09-12-2011
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Economically and easily migrate to the benefits of a VoIP solution while keeping your existing PBX, key system and phone equipment.

Run a small or medium-sized business? You are probably weighing how you can economically and easily migrate to the benefits of a VoIP solution while not immediately abandoning the investment you made in your existing PBX/Key system and handsets.

Ravon SIP Trunking service allows businesses with IP PBXs to extend the benefits of Voice over IP (VoIP) convergence from their LAN to the WAN and the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). It eliminates the need for expensive TDM gateways and trunks, helps to increase network efficiencies and cost-savings by converging voice and data traffic on your WAN, and retains all the features and services of your existing TDM connections.

In addition, Ravon SIP Trunking service can meet the needs of businesses with multiple locations, allowing you to connect over the same VoIP trunk while maintaining local telephone numbers, calling plans, and 911 services.

How It Works:

SIP Trunking is a scalable and affordable alternative to traditional dial-tone offering local, long distance, toll-free and international calling at incredibly low rates.

SIP Trunking can be delivered one line at a time in a pay-as-you-grow model to maximize the communications budget for organizations of any size.

A cost-effective, digital quality dial tone solution for the phone system you already have.

  • Keep your existing equipment
  • Keep your current phone numbers
  • Utilize already installed data connections
  • Enjoy unlimited calling between sites
  • Leverage Ravon's 24x7 service and support

Our SIP Trunking Service Includes:

  • Direct Inward Dialing (DID) Numbers — allow calls from the PSTN to reach a specific end-user without the assistance of an attendant. Both new numbers (from your choice of over 7000 rate centers) and local number portability are supported.
  • Disaster recovery — multiple options are available for trunk group and telephone number re-routing in case of an outage.
  • WAN Integration — seamlessly integrates with your internet access service.

Plus the following:

  • Toll-free and Direct Inward Dialing numbers
  • Fully compliant to all current FCC regulations including E911, CALEA (Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act), USF (Universal Service Fund), TRS (Telecommunications Relay Services) and CPNI (Customer Proprietary Network Information) compliance
  • Caller ID/CNAM (calling name delivery)
  • National directory listing

Our SIP Trunking Delivers:

Simplified Access, Multi-Location Support and Cost Savings
Our SIP Trunking service enables the convergence of voice and data traffic on the same access connection and allows you to connect to multiple locations over the same VoIP trunk. This helps you eliminate IP PBX gateway hardware and lower capital expenses.

Business Continuity Support
Business continuity is supported by specialized features for disaster recovery and mobility. Since the mobility features are provided at the network level, calls may be routed to alternate locations or devices in the event that IP PBX service is interrupted.

Enhanced Performance and Network Reliability
Our SIP Trunking service has diversity and redundancy built into the physical network and the VoIP service infrastructure to enhance reliability and performance. All VoIP traffic remains on Ravon's premium IP backbone until it reaches the PSTN, which helps improve overall service quality and eases problem resolution.

*911/E-911 connectivity is currently not supported when the service is utilized at any location other than the user's fixed, primary location. See Service Agreement for additional information.

Because each organization's network is different, Ravon offers free consultation to develop a customized deployment plan, which includes on-site installation.

Keywords: phone system, Sip Trunking, Voice Over, Voice over IP, Voip

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