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By: Rapid Lawn Hydroseeding  09-12-2011
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Since 2008, Rapid Lawn Hydroseeding and Erosion Control has helped our customers achieve Sod Quality Lawns at less than half the price. Based in Regina Saskatchewan, Rapid Lawn Hydroseeding uses latest in hydroseeding and erosion control technologies and methodologies, offering solutions for all types and sizes of projects; from highway construction, commercial developments and oilfield and mine reclamation sites to acreages and residential lawns. We also do conventional seeding and are dealers of all types of grass seed and Eco-Lawn products. Contact Us today for a FREE consultation.

Hydroseeding is a process that involves a mixture of seed, mulch, starter fertilizer, tackifier and water. Our team of professionals comes out to your yard and applies a “slurry” or layer of this mixture onto the surface of the soil. Rapid Lawn Hydroseeding uses only top quality wood/straw based mulches, not cheap paper, ensuring that you get Sod Quality Results….the first time. We also use specialized grass seed blends suited for your soil type, usage and climate. Most importantly, we offer a full “establishment” guarantee and will re-spray your lawn for FREE if it does not grow (some conditions apply).

Residential Hydroseeding: You’ve moved into you beautiful new home or acreage, and now it’s time to tackle the landscaping. A great looking lawn can significantly increase the value of your home. When it comes to your lawn you have a few options: sod, seed or hydroseed. Sod is a great choice for an “instant lawn”, however it is expensive and may not “take” due to differences in climate and soil type. And not to mention the back-breaking labour of installing it yourself. Seeding is a great “low cost” choice for the do-it-yourselfer, however it takes skill and some “luck” to get a nice lawn growing on your own. Hydroseeding is an effective alternative to sod and seeding, as the mulch layer holds moisture and protects the young seedlings as they germinate, allowing faster growth and more even establishment.

Commercial Hydroseeding: We work closely with engineers, designers and landscaping contractors to provide economical vegetation establishment and erosion control for all sizes of commercial projects. Hydroseeding is an excellent alternative to sod or seeding and allows the job to be complete in one, efficient application saving time and money. We have access to the largest hydroseeder in Western Canada so can complete any size of job from a few thousand square feet, to numerous acres. We are also exclusive applicators of Biotic Earth MAX, which is a system design to grow vegetation on areas of low organic matter and poor soils. This can save thousands off of hauling in and placing expensive topsoil, and is just as effective.

Oilfield, Drilling and Mine Reclamation: Hydroseeding is a perfect solution for reclaiming oilfield, drilling and mine sites throughout Saskatchewan. With the environment in mind, we work closely with site managers and project engineers to ensure the sites are returned back to their original state. Faster and more effective than conventional seed, hydroseeding is the preferred method of re-vegetating your oilfield, drilling or mine site. Our Biotic Earth MAX system is a great way to reclaim sites with low organic matter or poor soils, and saves the time and expense of hauling in topsoil.

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Hydroseeding Benefits | Rapid Lawn Hydroseeding and Erosion Control

Hydroseeding is definitely the most economical choice for establishing the growing results desired without the expense, time consumption, material costs or installation demands of sodding or traditional hand seeding methods. Hydroseeding creates an evenly covered area that forms a barrier to keep seed stabilized and retain moisture, fertilizer and other healthy growth-enhancing nutrients, while ultimately resulting in a full, lush lawn.


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We use the highest quality certified seed from Brett Young Seeds and Pickseed and can use many types of grass seeds, therefore allowing us to apply the best suitable varieties of grass that suits your specific project and soil type. Rapid Lawn Hydroseeding is the only dedicated hydroseeding company in Saskatchewan capable of tackling any size of job and our focus on workmanship and customer satisfaction is second to none.