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By: Ralph Prospero  09-12-2011

Buying a home is one of the biggest emotional and financial decisions you’ll ever make, so prepare yourself to make a knowledgeable decision today.

When most of us consider becoming homeowners, we immediately think of how wonderful it will be. It is true that there are a lot of good reasons for wanting to buy a home. Some of the main advantages are:

Financial Security
Historically the market rises in value. As your property appreciates in value and you pay down your loan, you will gain equity in your home. This will give you borrowing power in the future.

Not only can you decorate or renovate your home to meet your own personal tastes but you build equity that can come in handy down the road to put children through school, start a new project or even a long term vacation

Beyond the pride of ownership, you have the stability to come to a home that is your own place. It’s the change of your house becoming your home and the spot where all your memories will be built in the future

Although it is nice to think about the positive aspects of owning a home, it is just as important to consider the difficulties as well. Some of the challenges of owning a home are:

Financial Stress
stress of payments always take a toll on people. In order to alleviate that stress the Ralph Prospero team has a free consultation process where we help you figure out how much debt you can manage comfortably. We also educate you on the latest changes between variable and fixed rates so that you can sleep at night knowing you made the correct decision for you.

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