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By: Rainfall Irrigation  09-12-2011
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Products Specifically Designed to Maximize Water Efficiency

The MP Rotator’s multi-trajectory, revolving streams apply water much more slowly and uniformly than conventional sprays—especially after adjustment has been made to both the radius and t he arc. On slopes and clay-like soils, this allows water to soak into the landscape instead of running off and being wasted. In fact, independent audits have shown that water usage can be reduced by up to nearly one-third of current levels when conventional sprays are replaced with MP Rotator sprinklers. Additional water-saving advantages include better wind-resistance, less misting, and the ability to handle reclaimed water.
— High uniformity / low application rate
— Radically reduce runoff
— Solve low pressure & coverage problems

Drip System
Conventional methods of watering are actually wasteful and damaging; they deliver water to the landscape faster than plant roots can absorb, causing the water to run off, taking topsoil and nutrients with it.
Drip irrigation targeting method can be used for virtually any watering need, including potted plants, hanging baskets, trees, ground cover, and shrubs. They work great for both large and small watering areas dispersing equal amounts of water to all the plants. Drip systems are also an invaluable commodity when propagating a hillside or an inclined region because they allow the water to percolate deep to the roots rather than runoff

Making Sprinkler Systems Truly Automatic!

No Power? No Problem! Use Hunter Battery-Operated Controllers for a Variety of Situations
Traffic medians, roundabouts, rural properties, construction sites, municipal parks…they’re all places that typically lack a traditional source of electric power. Which means they’re the type of sites where you would have to make do without an automatic irrigation system.

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Rainfall Irrigation installs sprinklers, irrigation systems, landscape lighting - services

Repair replace broken/inoperative sprinkler heads• Add new sprinkler heads or entire zone. Diagnose and repair low pressure problems. General detailed inspection and tune-up. Repair or replace sprinkler timer. Repair broken pipes or fittings.