Rain for Rent - Reinke Stainless Steel Pivots

By: Rain For Rent  09-12-2011

Stainless steel's ability to resist corrosion is derived through a thin layer of chromium-oxide that is found on the surface of this material. When exposed to oxygen, this layer quickly re-seals surface areas disrupted by manufacturing processes such as welding, cutting, or machining, and provides the parent material with outstanding protection from corrosion.

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Rain for Rent - WheelLine / WheelMove

When it is time to move the LATERAL WHEEL LINE to the next station, the operator simply turns off the mainline valve and allows the Lateral Line to automatically drain itself of water via pressure activated Flapper Type Drain Valves located at each pipe connection. Every 50' or 60' along the MAINLINE are outlet Valve Stubs from which a flexible pipe or hose is used to connect the water source from the MAINLINE to the LATERAL WHEEL LINE.


Rain for Rent - Irrigation

Rain for Rent offers sales, rentals and leasing of complete irrigation systems by major irrigation companies like,, and. Systems can include drip, micro, solid set, handmove, big gun, gated pivot, linear, turf and more. Drip -,,, Roberts, NIBCO, Olson, Agrifim, and Geoflow.