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By: Railcomm  09-12-2011
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Command. Communicate. Control. Inform.
Only one system brings it all together.

RailComm’s Domain Operations Controller (DOC®) is a single, off-the-shelf system that seamlessly integrates centralized traffic control, dark territory control, yard automation, and SCADA control solutions. Designed to be completely extensible and expandable, DOC’s® modular architecture allows railroads to add, remove or enhance modules with no negative impact on performance or stability.

Built on a Microsoft server-based development platform, DOC® has an intuitive point-and-click user interface which functions within the Windows environment. Operators can see the status of field devices at a glance by viewing the icons on the screen, while actions or warnings generate pop-up dialogs, instantly alerting the operator to a problem or condition in the field.

This modular system can grow as you grow, allowing your railroad to add functions or territories as demand requires. In addition, DOC® can interface with SQL or Oracle-based back-office servers, leveraging your past investment in these systems.

Software as a Service (SaaS): Now there is an option to making a major outlay of capital funds.  You can get the comprehensive capabilities of RailComm’s DOC® system without capital funding. Control your mainline operations with all of the DOC® functionality—sensors, actuators, CCTV cameras, security systems, gates, lights, blue flag indicators and more. Access your central command using RailComm’s Web-enabled application service, a secured site that resides within RailComm’s state-of-the-art data center.

Centralized Traffic Control (CTC)

A Computer-Aided Dispatching system that automates dispatching for mainline rail operations. Low cost and highly reliable, RailComm’s CTC system provides a user-friendly graphical interface that operates within the familiar Windows environment, speeding your operators’ ability to use the system with ease. Begin with a smaller system and build upward as your resources allow, making the transition to RailComm as affordable as it is easy.

CTC provides all of the following functions and more:

  • Individual switch control
  • NX routing
  • Route stacking
  • Remote switch blocking
  • Remote derail control
  • Remote blue flag protection
  • Event recording
  • Compatibility with FRA reports for logging events
  • Graphical playback
  • Switch diagnostic alarms and reports
  • Multi-level security system

Dark Territory Control (DTC)

RailComm provides dark territory dispatching under the GCOR, CROR and NORAC rule sets. Full conflict checking, automatic completion of warrants, train sheets, forms and bulletins, temporary speed restrictions and Track Out Of Service alert capabilities are all part of this module, making this the TWC module with the highest level of computer functionality available in the industry today.


The Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition tool you need to control and monitor your train propulsion infrastructure, as well as a wide variety of equipment and control devices. There’s no need to run a separate system for SCADA: RailComm’s DOC® system comes with SCADA capabilities already installed.

Asset Tracking and Management

Detect, report, display and log the movements of rail cars and engines using RailComm’s sophisticated tracking module. Know exactly how much time every car spends at each location, the number of times a car has moved, and when each car is ready for scheduled maintenance or washing. RailComm’s car tracking function helps you alert crews to “distance to couple” and “distance to fouling,” communicate actual train movements to other trains, and keep car sorting operations on schedule and working at capacity. The result: More efficient operations with accurate tracking and communication, and instant notification of any car’s location.

Keywords: train, Web-enabled Application

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