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By: Quorum Review  09-12-2011
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Q.    What is an Exemption Determination Request? >>

Some research activities that involve human subjects may be exempt from IRB review under certain conditions pursuant to 45 CFR 46.101(b) (federally funded projects), 21 CFR 56.104(d) (FDA regulated studies), and the Tri-Council Policy Statement (TCPS 2), Article 2 (Canadian Research). An applicant may therefore apply to Quorum Review for an exemption determination.

Q.    How can I determine if I am exempt from review? >>

If you would simply like more information regarding how to make an exempt determination please refer to the Quorum handbook.

Q.    How do I submit an Exemption Determination Request to Quorum? >>

Quorum accepts Exemption Determination Request via the

Quorum Review

Initial Study Support Department

1601 Fifth Ave., Ste. 1000

Seattle, WA 98101

Fax: 206-448-4193

Q.    Which form should I complete if I want to submit an Exemption Determination Request? >>

For an exemption determination, the Quorum Review Request for Exemption Determination Form should be completed. Additionally, a copy of the final protocol or research proposal is required.

Q.    Who should I contact if I have questions about completing an Exemption Determination Request? >>

Keywords: Study Support

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