nNano 802.11n Upgrade,USB

By: Quickertek  09-12-2011

Good for bringing your Mac up
to the new wireless specification,
802.11 n. 802.11 n is 5 times as fast
as 802.11 g and works 3 times
further away.

Product includes a
Base with 4 foot USB Cable.



One year, parts and labor.

You should have this Base Station for this product (or a router with "Draft-N 2.0").
These in combination produce
300mbits/second transfer rate and
work 3 times further away than 802.11 g.

All devices on a 802.11 n network
must be 802.11 n hardware, otherwise
the network will automatically
be turned down to the
lowest wireless standard
(802.11 b or 802.11 g).
However your device will
still benefit from
the multi antenna setup.

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