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By: Quebec Bear Hunts  09-12-2011
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Quebec Experienced Outfitter and Guide Ken Gingrich
Toll FREE   1-866-760-7345 G uaranteed Spring Black Bear Trophy Hunts - that you will have the hunting opportunity to harvest an adult black bear.  
If you don't have a hunting opportunity,   we will offer you a FREE BLACK BEAR HUNT  the following year.  
The province of Quebec has the largest population of BLACK BEARS in North America and Canada, excluding Alaska.   
The North American BLACK BEAR is the most affordable hunt of all the North American big game hunting animals.  
The hunting season for Spring BLACK BEAR is MAY AND JUNE.  During this time of the year there is no other
season for big game hunting .   We're talking big game hunts!   Bow hunting and  Rifle Hunting  at its best Why not travel to Quebec, Canada?  It's trophy black bear territory!
  • Cooper Camp occupy a hunting territory of 2500 square miles with E xclusive BLACK BEAR hunting rights.  

  • We are located nearly 250 miles NE of Montreal, Canada.

  • For the past 10 years Cooper Camp has been able to maintain a VERY HIGH SUCCESS HUNTING RATE with some BLACK BEARS
    weighing 350 to 400 pounds WITH THE AVERAGE BLACK BEAR coming in at around 185 to 200 pounds.

  • To help sustain an active, growing BLACK BEAR population Cooper Camp rotate
their BLACK BEAR hunting territories year after year.
  • For the upcoming year we are promoting the BLACK BEAR TROPHY HUNT with our famous BLACK BEAR BONANZA.

  • For the past 5 years we have been able to maintain a 100% SUCCESS BLACK BEAR HUNTING RATE .  Thirty (30) of these active
    baits have been in NEW AREAS NEVER HUNTED BEFORE.  That's the kind of hunting our hunter s prefer!

  • We have BLACK BEAR hunting camps North of Montreal.  Cooper Camp is just 6 hours north of Montreal, Canada.   Lavigeur BLACK
    BEAR hunting Camp Is 5 hours north.   Windigo BLACK BEAR hunting Camp is just 4 hours North of Montreal.

  • You can drive to all our Black Bear Hunting camps.

  • All three (3 ) BLACK BEAR hunting Campsites have approximately 95 BAIT SITES each for the 45-50 BLACK BEAR Hunters that will
    make Cooper Camp their BLACK BEAR HUNTING CAMP this year!

  • Great Food and lodging accommodations that will make you want to come back again and again

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Guaranteed Quebec Bear Hunts
Spring Black Bear Hunting at its best!

Quebec Bear Hunts offers the spring black bear hunter the golden opportunity to hunt in a fabulous
game preserve north of Ashuapmushan, the ideal bear hunters dream come true if there was ever one!  
If you want the most unforgettable Quebec spring black bear hunt of your life you'll make the call to
Ken Gingrich, famed black bear guide and outfitter.  You'll hunt in pristine bear country located just 7 hours driving time from Montreal and 5 hours from Quebec, Canada.  
We're talking trophy bear hunts and a guaranteed opportunity to hunt a shootable adult black bear.   That's right,
guaranteed opportunity to shoot an adult black bear during your hunt or next year is's on us!    Quebec Bear Hunts are conducted on land that is well managed for both fishing and bear hunts.  Strict rules apply to
maintain both fishing and hunting populations..what this means is guaranteed opportunities like never before.   
And we'll take you to the best hunting grounds on land that contains over 20 lakes covering nearly
2400 square miles of prime black bear hunting.    Black bears of 300-400 pounds and up are taken
EVERY YEAR..and there's a black bear hunt with your name on it.   
Call or e-mail Ken today for more details of times opportunities that are waiting for you. Quebec spring black bear hunts with Ken Gingrich is one of the
leading experienced bear guides in the world.   
If you desire an experienced guide and outfitter you must experience Quebec spring black bear hunts with the best of the
best in the field.   Ken Gingrich's guaranteed bear hunts are worth every penny as past hunters can testify to.   
That's why repeat bear hunters seek out Ken Gingrich when they want bear hunts at their very best.   
Quebec bear hunts offer you the best in accommodations, lodging and food.  
Baited sites or unbaited sites offer every bear hunter the thrill of a lifetime.  
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