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By: Quality Fuel Trailers  09-12-2011
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Pacific Environmental has

We have oil absorbent boom, sweep, and pompoms available by the truckload. Call 800-290-3751 for pricing and availability.

Oil Absorbents

Pacific Environmental's oil only pads, socks, booms, pillows, and rolls consists of polypropylene based material that will only absorb hydrocarbons. Oil only pads absorb hydrophobic materials such as oil, gasoline, diesel, hydraulic fluid and the like. These oil only absorbents will all float on the surface of water to absorb any of the above materials that also float and form slicks. Oil only spill kits contain strictly oil only absorbents.

Universal Absorbents

Pacific Environmental's universal absorbent pads, socks, booms, pillows, and rolls consists of specially treated polypropylene based material that will absorb both hydrophobic and hydrophilic material. They will absorb all water and alcohol based substances as well as the oil-like substances listed above. They are very useful in situations where a wide variety of materials may need to be cleaned up on a moments notice. A great example is for use with vehicles. They can absorb engine coolant, which is comprised of propylene glycol and water, as well as motor oil, all liquid fuels, and brake/clutch hydraulic fluid. Universal spill kits usually contain strictly universal absorbents.

Particulate Absorbents

Particulate absorbents are particularly good for use on porous surfaces such as asphalt and concrete. Like the polypropylene absorbents above, our line of particulate absorbents absorb several times their weight in liquid. They can be shoveled up after use and discarded properly leaving no slick behind. We even have a self-remediating/bioremediating product that contains microorganisms that break down petroleum products into environmentally safe substances. Similar microbes have been employed to remediate large oil spills such as the Exxon Valdeez tanker spill off the coast of Alaska. Bioremediation is becoming a more prominent way to handle oil spills.

Keywords: Absorbents, Oil, Oil Absorbent, Pads, Spill Kits

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Our oil-only absorbent pads are great to always have on hand at the fuel dock and catch fuel drips as the fueling nozzle moves to and from a vessel. Category includes products that are useful for both preventing and cleaning up hydrocarbon spills in a marine or freshwater environment. We have oil absorbent booms, sweep, and pompoms available by the truckload. We have oil absorbent boom available by the truckload.