Most Common Uses of ERP² Identified by our Customers

By: Quadrate  09-12-2011

ERP² may be used to upload both Master and Transactional Data into SAP. While there are almost endless applications for ERP², here are some of the most common, as identified by our customers:

  • Mass updates and changes for employees, prices, projects etc.

  • Repetitive transaction, Material price changes

  • Replaces electronic data interchange for small vendors/customers

  • Planning updates, Customer services

  • Master Data creation, changes or deletions of vendor, customer, material and equipment master as well as fixed asset or functional location data
  • Create or change purchase requests/orders, sales orders and vendor invoices with multiple line items

  • Post journal voucher documents into the GL with many line items

  • Payroll / Human Resources, Timesheets, expense claims

  • Automate Daily Cash Reconciliation and Monthly Investment Activity entries

  • Master Data Upload

    • Material Master

    • Customer Master

    • Vendor Master

  • Transactional Data

    • Sales Orders

    • Delivery Notes

    • Invoices

    • Purchase Orders

    • Bill of materials

    • Budgeting

    • Expense Claims

    • Create, Change, Validate, Sync and Report Data

  • Business Support (Production)

  • Mass changes to material pricing

  • Material extensions

  • Periodical upload of data

  • Adding new master data

  • Testing
  • Upgrades

  • Creation of master data for testing business scenarios

  • Support packs and OSS notes

  • Changes in business processes
  • Problem Solving

  • Reproduce data from one system to another

  • Training

  • Build data for training sessions

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    Extraction & Reporting into Excel or Access

    Quadrate's R/3 extraction solution for SAP data provides a simple and easy to use method for performing ad-hoc queries against an SAP system without any programming expertise. Although this SAP extraction method allows for quick access to data in the SAP system, it does not provide any flexibility to the end user if the requirements change.


    Upload Excel & Access Data Files into SAP with ERP Squared (ERP

    For a fraction of the cost of a regular inflexible custom-built ABAP upload program, ERP² can be used to upload Excel files and Accessfiles directly into SAP without any ABAP programming or technical expertise. Much of the data being uploaded into SAP already exists in a digital format such as Microsoft Excel spreadsheets or Microsoft Access databases.


    SAP Data Upload & Extraction Solutions

    Business users do not need to understand SAP tables or fields, they can create the query by stepping through a transaction in SAP's familiar GUI - this will record the fields the user has selected and will automatically create the complete query. ERP² enables accurate and rapid transfer of data from spreadsheets or databases into SAP in a simple three-step process.