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By: Quadone  09-12-2011

Crust – Back-office Banking Application
We are collaborated with the Institute of Development and Research in Banking Technology (IDRBT), a premier RBI established institute, for developing a back-office banking software for Rural and Semi-urban banks.Extreme Programming Project Management Tool
This is a comprehensive project management tool following the eXtreme Programming methodology. Quad One believes that the core goals of communication person to person, one on one, putting pen on paper are very important for effective project communication. At the same time, for the benefit of our customers and managers, XPManage is used to get a complete online view of the project. This is not to be a replacement to the physical communication, physical Planning Game, but is expected to only be used as a complementary tool.()

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Technological Superiority accomplished by employing leading edge Enterprise Technologies like JAVA, J2EE and XML makes MediPulse beat the competing products in cross-platform deployment, homogenous look-and-fee and distributed operation across a networked environment.


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It consists of easy to use form builders, which can be used for study design, granting access to Investigators, uploading protocol information and eCRF creation. Central ServerThe synchronized data is sent to the central server, which checks the validity of the data and stores the same in a secure database on the server.