QED Consulting: Values

By: Qed Consulting  09-12-2011


Values are intricately involved with behavior patterns and belief systems – they provide a window into the form of life or culture of every organization.

  • At the very heart of all enterprises we find core values
  • Values drive organizations in obvious and non-obvious ways
  • The lived values of an organization reflects that organization's soul
The better we understand an organization's value system the better we understand the organization as a whole, are better able to communicate and negotiate with it, and better able to improve it.

QED Consulting provides consulting services on values clarification and prioritization.
We analyze an organization's value system in terms of global and business values and examine the prioritization of those values to ground and align behavior, processes and systems such as performance management, competencies, policies and procedures.

QED also provides ethics training and consulting, to safeguard and improve the reputation of the organization.

In addition we have focused on ethics in an international context as well as ethics in relationship to leadership accountability.

From the international perspective we look at the impact of culture on ethical decision-making - and analyze ethical dilemmas from a cross-cultural perspective. We also explore cross-border perceptions of ethics using a 2x2 grid to help identify what is commonly ethical and unethical to two cultures, as well as what one culture sees as ethical and the other as unethical and vice versa. Our programs also include research from Transparency International on the perception of corruption worldwide.

On the leadership and accountability angle, we explore the role of leadership with regard to integrity, and use exercises on Enablers and Barriers to identify what leaders can do to stay ethical and accountable.


Other products and services from Qed Consulting


QED Consulting: Culture

We also provide cross-cultural effectiveness and global diversity effectiveness training and consulting to build adaptability skills and an inclusiveness mindset in a global workforce and marketplace. QED Consulting provides detailed cultural and diversity audits and employee surveys to better understand and baseline an organization's culture. The medium in which all work, and play, get done.


QED Consulting: Change

Nothing is as certain today as the probability of change, and as we speed into the 21st century the pace of change is increasing. All organizations are challenged to adapt to constant change in order to stay alive and to get ahead. QED Consulting provides the following services to ensure success in your times of change. Consulting and training using Knowledge Management tools to ensure successful change.


QED Consulting: Leadership

We design and develop meaningful leadership development programs to bring life to the organization's vision and values, and to articulate and explore the leadership competencies upon which the organization relies for success. Thoughtful leaders reflect on the big picture and, through systemic thinking, lead systemic change. Dynamic leaders share their contagious energy, encourage creativity and push change.


QED Consulting: People

Organizations that foster an environment that demands and rewards learning, training and education at all levels will have greater success in the marketplace. QED Consulting provides a full range of custom development programs, systems and processes that will lead to improved performance throughout the organization.


QED Consulting: Process

QED Consulting also offers consulting in the project management arena, especially where complex global projects require excellent project management skills together with global and intercultural management skills. Strategic consulting in identifying, clarifying and prioritizing initiatives, both short-term and long-term. Assessments and audits of team and organizational culture.


QED Consulting: Strategy

We also have extensive experience with HR strategy covering recruiting, compensation, retention and development, succession planning and change management. When employees fully understand your business strategy they are better able to deliver the results that your customers expect. We will review your strategy and assist you in its articulation and implementation. Partner with your teams to build your business strategy.