By: Qe Park Laser Clinic  09-12-2011
Keywords: Cream, cleanser, Acne Treatments

Skin Care Products

At QE Park Laser Clinic, we carry only quality therapeutic physician-grade products which are only available through doctors offices.



    Cleansers are soapless skin cleanser to gentlely clean skin and prepare for theurapeutic skin care.

    1. Vivier anti-wrinkle cleanser
    2. Obagi foaming cleanser
    3. Solvere salicylic acid cleanser


    Toners prepare the skin by ph regulation

    1. Vivier refreshing toner
    2. Obagi
    3. Solvere

    Vitamin C Serums

    Vitamin C is an anti-oxidant which protects the skin from free-radical damage from the sun and other environmental factors.

    1. Vivier serum 5 eye serum
    2. Vivier serum C + E
    3. Vivier Kine-C

    Face Creams

    Moisterizing face cream protects the skin by maintaining or improving the skins hydration.

    1. Vivier daily moisterizing
    2. Vivier night
    3. Vivier Lexxal
    4. Linacare face
    5. Obagi Action
    6. Solvere

    Body Creams

    Moisterizing body cream protects the skin by maintaining or improving the skins hydration.

    1. Linacare body cream

    Eye Creams

    We carry a variety of eye creams and serums specially formulated to correct certain problems around the eye or to maintain the skins hydration.

    1. Vivier Firming Eye Cream
    2. Vivier Dark Circle Cream
    3. Vivier Serum 5

    Corrective Treatments

    Corrective treatments are more potent skin care products which are designed to correct specific problems.

    1. Vivier Seequin- corrects excess pigment
    2. Vivier TMR- " Topical Botox" corrects fine wrinkles
    3. SkinMedica TNS- " Face-lift in a bottle" corrects many aging problems in the skin
    4. Obagi-  a 7-step intensive skin program for hyperpigmentation, aging skin, and acne
    5. Skin Tx- a 7-step intensive skin progrm for hyperpigmentation, aging skin, and acne

    Acne Treatments

    1. Solvere 4-Step Acne Kit
    2. Zeno " The zit zapper"
    3. Obagi
    4. Skin Tx

Keywords: Acne Treatments, cleanser, Cream